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  1. That's why I uses this site everyone's so helpful thanks scott
  2. Hi I have lost the cable that came with scope so it's loos like I am after the the whole set up.
  3. Hi everyone being new to hobby,I have a skywatcher 130p with goto mount,and trying to set it up with my laptop to use Stellarium software but don't know what cable to use from the laptop to the scope thanks scott
  4. Hi everyone what I am asking for Is I have a skywatcher 130p with goto mount.And trying to set it up with my laptop,but being new to the hobby i don't know what cable I need from the laptop to the scope thanks scott
  5. Hi any one got any ideas for a mount so I can attach my galaxy s6 smartphone, to my scope so I can take photos I have a skywatcher 130 thanks scott.
  6. Sarah thanks for all your help I am new to this as you can tell 12inch dobs is The one ,it looks a good all rounder for the rings of Saturn, deep space ,ect thanks Scott
  7. Thanks everyone for your help,I think I will go for the skyliner 300p 12 inch £643 This is a big scope for money,the shop I got my 130p from has offered me refund once again thanks Scott.
  8. Thanks everyone,I think i will look Into it a bit more,does the 200p dob come with a goto mount or can you get one for it. Thanks Scott
  9. Meade ETX 125 AT f/15 Maksutov GOTO Telescope.I have loads good info so far. I want a scope to see the colours of Jupiter and ring of Saturn clearly,deep space objects as best and as clearer as possible would this scope do me or can anyone guide to the write one,I have £600 -£650 thanks Scott
  10. Hi all,got skywatcher130p with goto mount. Not happy with it so I have £600 to spend on a new scope can anyone help.a good all round scope thanks Scott
  11. Hello everyone,my goto mount on my skywatcher 130p which I've only used twice.went uses it 2nite after 1 month sitting in idle plugged it in and it keeps saying no link to mount no matter what I do . It worked fine the first too times.but haven't had a good clear nite unit 2nite. Anyone got 1 of these mount many thanks scott
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