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  1. Set the timer to 2 secs or 10 secs on the camera and you will be able to use your remote timer. Just add 2 or 10 seconds to lenth of exposure to compensate. Harry
  2. Download the CGem manual. This covers all the revised settings for the cg5 hand control with the latest firmware upgrade
  3. Press the Align button and scroll to Polar Align. It is not under the Menu button.
  4. Hi Eddy, When using two scopes on a dual mounting bar on the cg5-gt, the scopes will be pointing east or west when the DEC index marks are aligned. The OTA Orientation is set to East or West in the Scope Setup Menu of the hand control before doing a star alignment. The hand control remembers this when the power is switched off and on. Don't forget to change it back to Normal in the hand control when only using one scope. Harry
  5. Hi Matt, I have the same mount with the paint well and truly scratched with putting on, adjusting and removing the head. I would expect this is common with this mount as the paint is quite soft. Harry
  6. Lovely images Clayton. What codecs did you use? Harry
  7. For whitworth and metric socket head stainless steel bolts etc. Reasonable prices and quick delivery - www.custom-fasteners.co.uk/
  8. David, you would be better off getting a remote timer shutter release, far easier to use than running a cable to a computer and mucking around with software. They can be had for less than £20, just do a google. Just set number of shots, length of exposure anywhere from 1 second to 99 hours, and delay between exposures. Plug it in and set camera on bulb, press start and go and have a cuppa while the camera does the work. Harry
  9. What you will need to connect to say the Skywatcher 102 is a EOS T ring which mounts to your 20D instead of a lens. To this screws a 2" inch prime Focus Camera Adaptor, I bought the William Optics version (Parts are available from FLO). The camera can then be mounted onto the telescope via the 2" Focuser, held in place with the grub srews on the focuser. Good polar alignment of the mount is required for tracking objects. Harry
  10. Nice images, focus looks good to me.
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