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  1. Thanks guys, I do appreciate all input, however much I struggle with the theory!

    Did try some imaging tonight and it all turned out academic anyway as I couldn't focus on Saturn. Couldn't seem to get the webcam anywhere near close enough to the mirror. I was only familiarising myself with the equipment and software however.

    I haven't got a barlow yet which I'm hoping will sort the focus problem out???

    Looked good through the EP though :)

  2. Apparently the camera is the equivalent of a 6mm eye piece which is x200 with my scope. x4 Barlow and QED :hello2:

    If it's wrong do I at least get points for showing my workings? :)

    I'll have another look on FLO, maybe it's a bit more subtle than putting x2, x3, x4 etc in the titles :)

  3. Glad I found this thread, seems to be exactly what I'm looking for :D

    I have a 200p also and have recently purchased the Phillips modded webcam from Morgans.

    I had read that achieving F20 was desirable but was wondering how that would work with magnification as I would need a x4 Barlow to achieve F20 with this scope.

    Am I understanding correctly that this won't give a magniifcation of x800 then? Far in excess of the max power of the scope.

    If so, can anyone recommend somewhere to get Barlows of this size, I can only find x2 on FLO (which I'm going to get anyway)

    Thanks for any help


  4. Roger The Dodger has kindly donated an avi for me to play with in registax before the clouds part and I can capture my own :D

    I appear to be stumbling at the first hurdle though, I can't seem to get an alignment box up.

    Don't know if it's because I'm using version 6 but all the tutorials I've seen and the instructions above say it should come up automatically and you can change the size easily.

    All I can seem to get up are little red circles and I can't find anywhere to bring an alignment box up?

    Am I missing something blindingly obvious?

    Thanks in advance fo any help!


  5. I have a Dob as well and have taken pictures for the same reason as you have described, "to share what I have seen with others". I use my video camera. I then use the program RegiStax that stacks all the video files together to create a picture. My pictures are nowhere near those seen in this forum but they suit my purposes. In the end, my passion lies in the discovery, not necessarily in photography. Using what I have mentioned above, I was able to capture this:


    Mind you, this was my first shot and I will definitely try again. Good luck with the imaging and I wish you many clear nights!


    Nice one, I'd be very happy with that :-)

    Just what I'm after really :-)

  6. Hi all

    Only unpacked my new skyliner 200p last Wednesday and never really had any intentions of doing any imaging beforehand.

    Then I experienced first light on Friday looking at Saturn......

    "Wow, I need to show people this" I thought.

    Now I know I don't have the scope for imaging but I figure there must be at least some ways of visually recording what I'm seeing :)

    I wonder if I might bother you all for some guidance?

    I can see 3 options, any others will be appreciated as will your opinions.

    Webcam - I've seen the SPC and all the trimmings but not really sure how it works yet.

    Compact - I have a Canon powershot camera, no idea if adaptors exist though or if it would even work.

    DSLR - I have access to an Olympus DSLR, as I understand it I would just need a T ring to fit it to the focuser?

    My question is then... Which of these options should I be persuing?

    Not looking to do anything fancy (yet). Really just looking for a way of simply capturing what I'm seeing.

    Thanks in advance for any info.


  7. Starjust, imaging from a dob is confined to using a webcam aimed at the planets and the moon irrespective of whether it is on a motorised platform or not. Imaging deep sky objects requires more accuracy in tracking because longer exposures are required to image these faint objects. This can be achieved directly from a very good mount or accuracy can alternatively achieved by influencing its motors through auto guiding. HEQ5 is the minimum mount that can facilitate the above, any mount smaller than that be it motorised from the outset or with motors added later will greatly assist with observing objects but are not sufficiently accurate or consistent to support imaging.

    Hope that helps


    Planning to get the same scope myself this month (providing the stock is available now)

    A dob is fine for me to begin with but it's nice to know the tube can be put on a mount to progress on to tracking / photography if I get into it :D

    Thanks :p

  8. Evening all,

    Was gazing up earlier today at around 15:30 and noticed a half moon in the east-ish.

    In the west-ish there was of course the sun.

    My question is why was only a half moon visible?

    It's clearly something obvious I'm missing but to my tiny little mind, if there's nothing in the way between them, the moon should appear full.

    So what am I missing? :(

    Thanks in advance for putting me in my place :o

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