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  1. Hi Mike - from Gaz in west sussex.
  2. Hello Mak - very impressed by the avatar, well done.
  3. it would appear that insulating tape makes a good temporary par' ring, with the barlows element removed and a long body plossl 25 on the end, it seems to work very well - at least on the tv aerial some way down the road... lol. I even knocked up a basic bahtinov mask from some scrap card, its been quite a productive evening, now to await clear - less wet, skies for a test run, many thanks for the advice people.
  4. Hi luke, lovely shots there well done, i've just started imaging and i cant get my focus anywhere near as good as that, you say you use a bahtinov was it home made, purchased, from whom... and a bit of advice on using one if you could please...
  5. ok, many thanks, i get the bit about the barlow lens, i shall now slink off to look up parfocalising ring.... hold that thought.
  6. yup, thats what i thought, i expected the barlow to act as an extension tube, is that not the case?
  7. Using my 4SE i can attach the DSLR to the tube and use an eyepiece - swapping between the two using the internal flip mirror. My question is... the focus for the DSLR and the EP are HUGELY different, is there a piece of kit that makes them similar, so that i can view an object then 'flip' to image it? i've tried all my EP's and barlow combinations, but its always about ten turns of the focus knob to go between camera and EP. Am i doing something fundamentally wrong?
  8. Having never used stack software before, i downloaded DSS onto my win7, 64 bit, 4gig Ram, big HDD pc the other night, i'd spent an hour doing some practise shots of m42/3 just to play with the software... first go, 3 light 1 dark (jpeg, nothing above about 11meg), DSS fell over, 'out of memory'. Read a bit on here, knocked off the drizzle ticks, seems to be working ok now, but VERY slow in the final processing stage. The point i wanted to make is... there is a check box somewhere about 'use all available processors' default may be use one only - just a thought.
  9. Photohound

    new guy

    Hi from Lancing, i'm fairly new here too.... they all seem very friendly on here, hope you get the advice you need. We just need some clear skies around here too... good luck, Gaz.
  10. Photohound


    Bonjourrrrrr... from the south coast uk:icon_salut:
  11. nice job, well done and welcome.
  12. Hi from Lancing... good old sussex clouds - cant beat 'em 'eh?
  13. exciting isn't it... and as far as i can tell, it gets better. good luck and welcome to the club..
  14. Hi from West Sussex - Quark, Strangeness & Charm - now THAT was an album!!!
  15. Heading for sharpcap now - thanks for the answers on this thread.
  16. I'm getting right uptight with registax5 at the mo... never used stacking software before, went for regi because several people recommended it as idiot proof... well... its beating me - sob.
  17. i've lost at least one nought off my bank account since starting this Mc'stonomy marlarky...
  18. A warm welcome cameraboy56 from cloudy sussex, are you a Canon or a Nikon man? (or maybe something EVEN more expensive) lol. Enjoy the forum, these guys are very helpful and friendly.
  19. Greetings Hawaii! from southern UK, From what i understand about your islands... you get some great sky. Or is that just 'up the hills' - welcome.
  20. Greetings from another newb...
  21. The forecast says clear skies tonight on the sussex coast - and i'm supposed to be going to a local beer-fest... oh decisions, decisions....
  22. Photohound

    Hi there

    Hiya - only been here a week or two myself - very helpful bunch, i'm starting to feel at home already. Good luck.
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