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  1. Hi tiredboy, i've cut/pasted this to your poll thread as well... you dont mention which part of the world you are in, but i have a pristine 4SE that will be going on the 'for sale' board soon - maybe if you're local (ish) you would like a 'try before you buy' session? I'm on the UK sussex coast near Worthing. PM me for details if you're interested. At least you could get a feel for the scope, weight, portability, etc...
  2. Hi tiredboy, you dont mention which part of the world you are in, but i have a pristine 4SE that will be going on the 'for sale' board soon - maybe if you're local (ish) you would like a 'try before you buy' session? I'm on the UK sussex coast near Worthing. PM me for details if you're interested.
  3. postage seems a bit steep - signed/recorded del as well!!!
  4. Hiya from sunny sussex.
  5. Photohound

    dark sky

    Hi and welcome - i always find the best thing to do when you get a new scope is go play with it in daylight first (not looking at the sun!!! thats much further down the learning road) a faraway streetlight or chimney pot or if you're lucky enough to have the views a tree or boat on the horizon maybe. That way you'll sort out most minor adjustments whilst being able to see what you are doing (and being able to refer to the manual if necessary - lol) Hope that helps... Good luck.
  6. My sympathies ralph... i've just been referred by my doc to a spinal triage clinic so i know what you're going through.
  7. Hi andy - welcome to the lounge, very helpful bods here - great little scope btw.
  8. Hmmm... attractive! but i hope it works - i've got two light that wash out my garden in the winter when the trees are bare
  9. Hi Bryn, welcome to the lounge... from Lancing, lets get those clear skies rolling!!!
  10. Photohound

    robbie c

    Hi there robbie and welcome from another sussex 'scoper.
  11. I carry a small 'toffee hammer' in my EP case, a few taps around the primary seems to move the stubborn ones... and it really helps my collimation skills - lol :D:D
  12. Photohound


    hi and welcome, that pesky prof cox is at it again then clear skies.
  13. Photohound


    Hello from Sussex clear skies Gary.
  14. i'd recommend canon dslr as previous guys have said... a quick scout on fleabay shows 300D's for buyitnow £109 and 350D's for buyitnow £140, so i'm sure there are some 'auction' bargains if you dig deep enough, and have the patience to hunt out a good one. Good luck.
  15. hi from sussex, my advice is read read read, squint at stars, read a bit more, squint at more stars, read some more... then count the pennies before you choose a scope - its a great hobby, and this forum is packed with helpful friendly folk who will answer all your questions. welcome and Good luck
  16. Porl... have another go with the heavens above site... once i'd got my location sorted out on it i found lots of things to look at. If you know your alts from your az's the charts make good sense, then its just a question of timing. The Nanosail-D data is available, and using the for/back functions you can check old sighting dates as well. I find its quite fun to look up Iridium flares and ISS stuff if i'm going to meet my mates for a drink - they think its amazing when you say 'look over there, see that dot moving this way - ISS' I've had the whole pub standing on the pavement staring at the
  17. good luck with m31 i hope you get a glimpse - for me it is behind next doors hedge until about august... sigh.
  18. I've just posted a new thread about another site... lhttp://www.heavens-above.com/ well worth a look
  19. Several posts from people recently on 'bright flashes'... 'possibly a satellite'... 'what was that i saw' have a look here... Heavens-Above Home Page under 'Configuration' it says 'select from map' use it like a normal google map and zoom in on your location and 'click it' this will stick a pin in the map at your obsy and will allow the website to tell you everything that is visible, and when, and where to look in the sky for it... (and i think you can back date to find out what you've missed) a fascinating site that has eaten up many a cloudy night in no time - good hunting.
  20. its not quite on thread with satellites, but if you like to know whats going on 'upstairs' have a look at this site... SpaceWeather.com -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids the links at the bottom of the page are usually very interesting too...
  21. the link posted by JWR kept me busy for hours... amazing amount of info when you look at the data links and because it shows in b/w it gave me a better idea of expectations for the EP - very useful, thanks james.
  22. BRianb... The 20D is pretty stone age by the standards of modern cameras ... for a start it WON'T accept EF-S lenses; there's no "live view" & the review screen is horrid by current standards; the ISO range is limited, the software doesn't support FAT32 and therefore there is no way of using CF cards bigger in capacity than 4GB, the noise reduction is primitive (best turn it off) ... but, but, but... thats not strictly true is it... The OP was talking about the 20Da not the 'D' - I have a '20Da' and its fully EF & EF-S compat', there is 'live view' its at x5 and x10 mag on 'FC1 &
  23. ah... not what i thought at all then, haha, thanks for that
  24. what does it mean? BUMP... usually in the buying/selling dept. Its probably obvious but i just dont get it
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