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  1. pretty spectacular indeed... it was APOD yesterday (6th july) i was so taken by it that i searched for the original - the zoom feature on this is SO much better than the APOD site - glad you folk like it as much as i do.
  2. takes a while to load at full res, awesome... http://wms.lroc.asu.edu/lroc_browse/view/M162350671 slide the zoom bar at the bottom of the screen for jaw-dropping detail.
  3. I even bought the t-shirt.... Patrick Moore T-Shirt from ShotDeadInTheHead.com oh dear, i'll get my coat.
  4. would that be the 5min argument or the full half hour?
  5. you were seriously mis-sold there my friend, have a look at this beauty... Big Whimsical 34" Circumference Folk Art Ball of String | eBay UK postage is a bit high maybe
  6. in the same section on the bay there is a parallel universe just come up.. i cant get the link to load but the item number is 320718553009 if somebody can get the link up here it may be worth watching...
  7. oh dear... its worth looking just to read the answers to the questions from potential bidders... especially the one asking if it will fit in the back of a Galaxy...
  8. Hey what a brilliant piece of work, love the song, love the locations, love the photography, great composition... mucho praises.
  9. doesn't sound like the otters union is going to be too happy about this...
  10. at which point you may feel obliged to say... "lovely scope mate, how much do i owe you again - got the cash right here, no problem, nice dog by the way"
  11. Here's the original from 'astro pic of the day'... beautiful job, and the description makes more sense to me now APOD: 2011 May 31 - Jets from Unusual Galaxy Centaurus A hope you all enjoy it.
  12. Hello Steve from another Worthing/Lancing 'scoper, wont be outside looking up tonight tho... better skies for the rest of the week for us i hope.
  13. In case anybody missed this image last week... The week in pictures: 27 May 2011 - Telegraph If i've read it correctly, the 'visible spectrum' bit is running slightly uphill left to right, and the top and bottom bits are the radio wave particles coming from the black hole at the centre? (one million light years... sigh... will i ever get my head around how big some of this stuff is!!)
  14. delurking - hmm, like it, adds a sense of mystery - lol. Welcome to the forum.
  15. @skylook123 some good points there jim. just to clarify the position with my kit if i may... i have the skywatcher powertank, if i use one of these... OptiMate 4 Battery Optimiser (which i have for my motorcycle battery) would i connect it straight to the red/black posts or use an adaptor throught the little 'charging port'.
  16. Back on the powertank for a sec.... i read a previous post somewhere on here after experiencing my powertank not showing the fully charged light - the bottom line seems to be that they need very regular charging, ie: at least 24hours once a week and... straight on charge after using. if you let em drain down to the flashing light it can take 3-4days (i actually left mine on for a whole week 24/7 once) before full charge is restored.
  17. great news about the fence... doh, sorry
  18. Certainly way over-priced (i didnt pay that much for mine several years ago) but the amazon ones are the standard 20D not the astro modified 20Da ones - of which there were not that many made (some dealers suggest that as little as 6 were originally sold in this country) The last one i saw for sale went for about 600 i think.
  19. try again... Canon EOS 20Da DSLR Body Only in Black | eBay UK
  20. A friend has just emailed me to say that there is a canon 20Da astro DSLR on ebay apparently - Rother valley optics is the seller by the looks of it. cant get the url to load sorry.
  21. Greetings fellow ex-brummie, i too escaped the bright lights of birmingham, but didnt make it quite as far as you - good luck from me in sunny sussex. Gaz.
  22. :D:D Ha Ha... was that an offer of a free holiday - i could bring it with me :D
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