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  1. +1 for Canon... Canon all the way for me... I love my 50D for everyday stuff and general night shot fieldwork, but i never got on with my 20Da quite so well so i'm selling it now.
  2. I have the older discontinued version of this GPS unit called a CN16, and it fits both my celestron scope setups including the CG5-GT - i believe this unit is pretty much the same as the CN16. In which case you plug this unit into the 'handset' port then the handset plugs into the bottom of this unit. This particular one does seem expensive, but shop around - i picked mine up from ebay for less than £50 a year or so ago, and as a previous poster says its saved me countless time and its brilliant. I plonk the cg5 down in the garden, turn on the power supply and by the time i've done a rough le
  3. My vote goes on the nifty50 as well - i picked mine up from fleabay, boxed and beautiful for 60notes a year ago - best thing i ever bought on there.
  4. I'd be very pleased with that as a starter, well done! My first DSO was Orion, as i guess for many of us - and i think from memory your one is the better of the two
  5. The first-light WOW for me and my first little 'Tasco' scope years ago was on a sunny saturday afternoon... set it all up and focussed on the farthest thing i could see... an air-con unit on the roof of a tower block about a mile away made me go wow though - i could see the rivets holding the hinges on the doors!!! (things have got better since then)
  6. Hi knobby, i have the 4SE and an 8inch newt (dob on three legs) both celestron, both brilliant for different reasons. As an earlier poster suggested you cant go wrong with the 4Se for portability, durability and reliability. Its a sinch to set up, with a bit of practise and care at setup it stays on target for long viewing sessions, or you can 'manually' adjust with the handset. I dont recommend the onboard battery setup, but a cheap power pack from maplins will run it for 5-6 hours easy. A nice quality EP will show you wonders and if balanced carefully i can mount my canon 20D or 50D (not lig
  7. Hi jim, if you like the goto function and want to see more, celestron SE range are worth a peek, my 4SE got me started and showed me the basic 'wonders' of the sky.
  8. I'll second that Paul... divided by the three clear nights i've had in the last six months... sob, whimper.
  9. new laptop, focusing mask and a GPS kit for my CG5-GT - its all about more time viewing and less time setting up.
  10. Hi Baz, i've PM'ed (Private Messaged) you some info about the 4SE from my personal experiences - and welcome to the forum BTW.
  11. sounds great - i'm heading to Gran Canaria in october for a week, hope the views are good there too!!!
  12. Any chance someone could post a link to the site - might help future folks when searching..
  13. Dear Dave - i hope your SCT is 235mm dia - otherwise it is kin huge:eek: sorry - just another metro-imperial pedant:rolleyes: "Dave Smith; Interesting. My SCT is definitely 9.25 inches and I have to struggle to remember that is 2350mm when wanting to calculate the magnification."
  14. I think somebody pipped you too it with this one old chap... post from member: 'NigelCampbell,18th July 2011 06:06 ISS video in daylight' still it was nice to watch it again.
  15. My early 90's stargazing kit was a TASCO GALAXSEE (four inch newtonian reflector if i remember correctly - silver tube) and a rather tatty (then!) 1979 first edition copy of 'The Macmillan Dictionary of Astronomy' - i couldn't afford subs to any magazines - ah those where the days...
  16. My celestron finder was faded from black to gold when i bought it... it makes no difference to the function and the rest of the black on the rest of the scope is perfect.
  17. very impressive footage - and as the narrative said, i too am sad that no viewing of this final mission was visible from my LZ either. Farewell shuttle thanks for posting that... sniff.
  18. do you think they'd deliver or was it collection only?
  19. oh maaan! - apollo 18 - i haven't finished watching the first series yet - do'h!!!
  20. me too, sometimes this heads up thing blows ya cover - lol.
  21. is that what they mean by a floating decimal point error?
  22. :eek: oh my god - i was joking with the 'ministry of the interior' about being able to see footprints on the moon because the resolution was so good - you've found them... brilliant!!! took me a while to locate on the image... follow the spider trails (moon rover tracks?)2/3rds way down just below the 'cone crater' from centre of image the thin lines lead left... to small sharp white object on the left. :hello2:
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