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  1. Thanks very much SBJ, I have downloaded piccy. Neat design there I have the Skywatcher 127 but the are much the same scope I believe. Do you align the horizontal axis N-S? when setting up?
  2. Hi, Any chance of a close-up on how you attach the goto to the top of the pier. I was going to use the top of the tripod with the legs removed . Looks good though , such good scopes' spoiled by a bobbins tripod.
  3. From Minor Planet centre: Asteroid 2013 LR6 discovered. Flyby Jun 8 at 04:43 UT. Dist: 0.29 LD (0.28 LD from Earth surface). Size: 5-16 m. http://www.minorplan...LR6&commit=Show Another close one not very large though.
  4. Saturn and seeing the Milky Way whilst on a caravan holiday at Flookborough (Cumbria) as a kid.
  5. Have there been any estimates of the size of the meteor?
  6. Meteors! Paah! Seen one you've seen um' all. I remember there being a large fireball when I was a teenager in the 1970's. I missed that too!!! Geoff
  7. Good Buy Scott, there is lot of advice and information on the SGL but don't rely on the AA batteries get a power pack Maplins, Aldi and others sell them. A good power scource transforms the scope. Good luck!
  8. Looks mighty fine on that mount Revs. Note fan to blow the clouds away.Ha ha
  9. WOW, that puts some perspective into it all, well done Neil. Good find! I've never seen anything like this done before.
  10. Welcome JD I was in NYC in March, when the heavy rains a nd floods where happenning, where you affected.?
  11. Bought an 11x8 Plastic shed last week only to find it's £100 less this week (blast!), not for astro use though. Replacing concrete garage, If any one wants the concrete panals for an obsy PM me and you can have them.
  12. Saw it on Saturday night in Anglesey walking back from the Pub. It's unmistakeable, even to the naked eye it seems an odd shape, not a pinpoint of light.
  13. Ash, I must admit I always enjoy looking at the DIY section in SGL as the ingenuity of the members is amazing. I' m currently atrying to adapt a EQ2 to fit on my GOTO tripod to mount the DSLR for driven widefield shots. I wish I'd kept all the bits and pieces I've been forced to throw out by SWMBO, ("what are you keeping that for"). Geoff
  14. Hi from a fellow Mancunian, Welcome to SGL. Geoff
  15. Clear Skies mate ,may the enthusiasm last. Mine has
  16. Nice work Paul, I see you are using the Pentax K-x, what ISO did you use, I can't wait to use mine with the MAK 127, possibly not the best scope for DSO's but anythings worth a try. Sorry just expanded one of the images the ISO is there (DOH!).
  17. Got a cold sweat on then, it's a paint kettle not a tin of emulsion, thought I would have to start painting again. Seriously, a good solution, we astro's are a practical bunch!!
  18. It was just a thought! But if the Big Bang occurred all over the Universe how come it's expanding. Is Brian Cox a member of SGL perhaps he could explain, perhaps I'm too practical . Geoff
  19. Profound thought! If we look back in time towards to "Big Bang" ,assuming that the Bang blew out in all directions, are there objects 13 billion LY's in the other direction? 26 billion LY in the opposite direction:icon_scratch: Geoff
  20. Well done Daniel, keep it up. Good Luck
  21. Have used my SW127 mainly at planets,moon, M42 M31 etc..But have had no success with the fainter fuzzies, until Friday night when I found M3, it gives a great sense of achievement especially if you hav'nt used the goto. M81/82 still a target, I'll nail them when we go to N Wales at easter, if it don't rain. Geoff
  22. Bookmarked that site in case I have to duck LOL!! Seriously though it would do a lot of damage, probably not an extinction event but certanly a mess would ensue. and alarmingly inaccurate timings and distance predictions. Geoff
  23. Nice images Alan,I'm well impressed, are you using the GOTO mount? I havn't managed to get anything decent of Saturn yet, due mainly to incompetence on my part. I shall persevere though, that what it's all about isn't it. Geoff
  24. Interesting Luke, how big is it do we know? Geoff
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