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  1. Great image. Was that imaged with the kit i sold you?
  2. Selling due to moving into flat. Skywatcher Esprit 120ed pro triplet. Celestron Advanced VX mount with ADM dual saddle upgrade. Daystar Quark chromosphere. Lunt white light Herschal wedge 1.25" Zwo As1120mm usb2 mono camera Point Grey Chameleon usb2 mono camera. Hyperion clickstop-zoom 8-24mm Mark111. Tele Vue 2.5x Powermate. Baader 1.25" and 2.0" uv/ir cut/l filter. Baader solar continuum 1.25" filter. Altair diagonal. Other bits and pieces £2700. Will not seperate and buyer collects. Payment by bank transfer.
  3. Lovely full disc images Robin. The Quark wins it for me .
  4. Thanks Ewan. Conditions were pretty poor. Waited 2 hours for a break in the clouds and when finally arrived getting focus was pretty difficult. So I'm quite surprised at how the image turned out.
  5. Thanks. Imaged with the Quark Chromosphere. Sky Watcher Esprit 120 and a Point Grey Chameleon camera.
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