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    Guess what? Astronomy
    Punk Rock, Model Making(arthritis put a stop to that), Reading, History (especially WWII Aviation & the Home Front), Formula 1.
    & Punk Rock Again cos it changed my life.
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    Cotswolds. UK.
  1. I'm thinking of removing my mirror & replacing with a 60watt bulb. It would make a better job of being a novelty lamp than it is at a telescope at the moment.
  2. Also got a Mey chair. As said it's expensive but worth every penny.
  3. I ordered it by mistake I thought I had ordered a 2x. When I tried it in my celesteron 130 it was next to useless. It wasn't until a few months later that I noticed the 3 x stamp. Couldn't remember who I bought it from to see if I could swap for 2 x. It won't be collecting dust anymore.
  4. Managed to get an hour in. The viewing wasn't the best here. Found a dust collecting Tal 3x Barlow in the back of the cuboard the other day. Tried it out tonight on the moon with an 8mm Eyepiece. Never in my life seen so much detail & at such a high mag. I'm getting quite a passion for our glorious moon. Got a feeling on the right night the barlow & 8mm combo will be good for splitting some of those doubles.
  5. I would try any shop that stocks Skywatcher or contact them directly. As a temp measure you could find a bit of plastic tube to fit & use a milk carton top cut out to use as washer.
  6. I can't even get to my scope. My shed door has swelled to the point that not even a crow bar would open it. Sunday roast was some what lacking today as the sack of potatoes are in the shed also. DOH!
  7. I splashed out on a Mey observing/musicians chair FLO. Expensive but worth every penny.
  8. Got to agree with you swag72. Book Depository or Abe Books. Have been using these two companies for a few years now with no problems.
  9. DRT I used the same scope as you for three years & was very pleased with it. The middle of this year I bit the bullet & got the 300p flex tube. I got to say that it has been the best decision I have made to enhance my love of astronomy. The first night out with it was a real eye opener. The scope paid for it's self the moment the eyepiece focused on the moon for the first time. The rest of the night I spent with my eye glued to the eyepiece & my chin dragging on the patio slabs. A couple of weeks ago I got to see Jupiter for the first time through it. The visibility that night was the best I had seen in a while. Whoever says that dobs ain't no good for planets, I'll argue the toss with. As said by a previous poster it looked like a photo you would see in a book. Don't be put off by the flextube. I have had no problems with collimation due to the tubes being extended & retracted. I can have it set up in about 8-10 mins including carrying it up two lots of steps, fitting shroud,dew heaters,cables & extension cable from shed. 10 or12 you won't be dissapointed.
  10. Had a fantastic couple of hours viewing the moon myself last night. Also got to try my 8mm eyepiece out. Quite awe struck. Felt like I could write my name in the dust if I put my arm out. Can't believe the powers that be already have plans of strip mining it. Any place we reach we'll destroy. We really are the lowest lifeform on this plant.
  11. The cold won't bother your scope. I put my scope away the other night & it had frost on it. I leave mine uncovered until the morning so condensation etc has gone then put the covers over. Security wise could you not fix an extra clasp & padlock on the garage door.
  12. James get & make your dewheater & bands. I made a four channel one a couple of months ago & it was really put through it's paces last night. It worked flawlessly thankfully. I modded the Telrad. Made a secondary mirror heater that fits to the back of mirror & heater band for eyepieces. It was my first attempt at electronics & I got to say its pretty easy to do. The great advantage of DIY is you can custom fit your heaters. One tip. Get a good size project box to give yourself room to add an extra channel or two at a later date if needed.
  13. Got my first look at Jupiter tonight with my 12" dob. Blown away! Bands & spot easily visible and in colour. Spent a good 30 mins with my eye welded to the eyepiece, totally mesmerized by this beautiful planet.. Can't wait to see Saturn. The difference from my 130eq to the big dob is vast. Glad I made the upgrade
  14. I like that Astronomy makes me, human race & earth so insignificant. We all think were so important & in the grand scheme of things were nothing but a grain of sand on a beach. Take away a grain of sand & it's still a beach.
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