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  1. Will polar alignment be affected by the recent shift in the earth's axis? I know the earth's axis has only shifted by a small amount but over the distances this could be a massive error. Steve
  2. If you missed it you didnt miss much, there were some massive leaps without supporting information, very dramatic but unsupported claims made. but it was entertaining.
  3. Rapid Electronics - 5 digital input USB Experiment interface board here's a similar one if you miss it on the bay
  4. Thanks for the heads up. have "Plus'd" it!
  5. Ok so I got the lifecam HD built and in the billet parts enclosure, Cheers for the info, I had a quick go last night, got Jupiter lined up and was amazed at the amount of "zoom" using the webcam, I could see jupiter and the 4 biggest moons, but the planet it's self was so bright all the detail was burnt out. I was just using the lifecam software and fully except that I have probably done something wrong. Has anyone found better imaging software to use? Steve
  6. I'm in Harwich in Essex, but I am very green about all this, so not a source of knowledge maybe a comrade to learn with if we find a local expert :-)
  7. Well the skies cleared briefly again, no planets or moons available and not enough clear sky for me to even attempt to polar align, so I thought I'd ride bareback. I have come to the conclusion that life through a finderscope is very strange! I didn't even know what way was up :-) After much fumbling I located a strange pulsing coloured light (not an aircraft :-) ) need to look this up later. Lots of fumbling later I finally managed to find it! M42 (not the road :-) ) Steve Edit: I think the pulsing light was A cma
  8. http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/digitalcommunication/ProductDetails.aspx?pid=008&active_tab=systemRequirements Looks like it just says xp 64bit not supported
  9. Microsoft H5D-00003 Lifecam Cinema Webcam: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories I've found the Lifecam for £30 on amazon, I might get one and look at modifying one, I am a little green about this so please excuse my ignorance, how does this all go together does it just fit with a Barlow or do you fit a EP then this, if this can only plug into the barlow, then with my 750mm 150P and a 2x barlow then the maximum magnification would end up being 1500mm, which would normally be a lot but them stars and planets are quite a long way away:D does it assemble like the pic below? Steve
  10. FYI this is the info I found on modifing the lifecam HD Instructions for Converting Microsoft Lifecam Cinema HD Webcam for Telescope Use -by Gary Honis Steve
  11. Thanks for the info, how does it compare to the Spc900? do you know? Steve
  12. There is this one http://www.play.com/PC/PCs/4-/3255995/Philips-SPC210NC-PC-Webcam/Product.html?_$ja=tsid:11518|cat:3255995|prd:3255995 But it is a CMOS sensor rather than a CCD
  13. Has there been nothing better made in recent years, preferably in HD I see the microsoft life HD webcam can be modified but it's a lot of work, I like the small amount of work required with the Phillips :-) I'll post one if I find a good one. Steve
  14. Guys After reading a lot about how to flash the phillips 880 to be a 900, my main question is why not buy a SCP900NC to start with? is it a cost thing or is there something I'm not understanding? Cheers Guys Steve
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