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  1. I will have a look at skysafari I haven't heard of that, I bought the ostara barlow from Amazon but you can get from flea bay also or probably anywhere that sells a range of eyepieces, the moon with a 2x barlow and the original short eyepiece and a moon filter was my first big major wow with this scope... its amazing but the moon travels so fast through the field of view.... fantastic though !! The missus is always telling people about it even though she isn't interested in the rest she loves looking at the moon through this scope...
  2. I have bought some decent binocs for astronomy recently, Bought Pentax 10x50 but swapped them for another as a bit too too heavy.... I would say go for something with BAK4 prisms though if you can as these are high quality and then size is you lobster as they get heavier and bigger...some of them are so big you need big muscles to even look at them never mind lift them ! Tripod solves but even so you have to think what you need and watch the weight !
  3. Cripes I don't know myself but I am sure someone reading might.... I am going to go for the 102ED and keep the 10" dob also for now till I see whats what.... If anyone could recommend a tripod for it that would be good..
  4. Good advice thanks, yes I got my 10" dob from FLO they were very helpful, I reckon you are safe with Amazon as they have their A-Z claim thing if you get ripped off or anything goes wrong with it but I did go with FLO in the end as they were recommended on here, I had been looking for the 8" at the time but there were none left, I wish I had waited, I really do like the views from the 10" but I am sort of bored by myself on the back garden and the missus isn't bothered and I cant really get it on and out of the car myself, my bro just bought an NexStar 8 and he is going out and about with his
  5. Have a look at the Ostara 2x, I got one for my 250px 10" dob and its really good and seems very well made.
  6. Hi I am beginner also and have this scope, I wouldn't worry about the eyepieces that came with it they aren't very good anyway they are just to get you started... Its a great scope but too big to hump around I find... I don't know if its a good idea or not because I thought of it myself but I have fixed a big bag of those crystals that soak up moisture that you get in camera bags onto the inside of my main 10" dust cover... I also bought an Ostara 2x Barlow, red LED torch and got SkyWalk on my Iphone, a set of decent lenses and that's it, that's all you need really... I did buy loads of books
  7. Hi All, I currently have a Skywatcher 250p (10" dobsonian reflector) which is a bit too big for me to cart about and so I am looking for something more portable so I can get out of the garden to some good sites and also looking into doing a bit of photography of the moon and if I can planets... Anyway I don't know whether to change my huge "Light bucket" for a more portable Ostara 102EDa refractor or not... I have been told that a refractor is best for land use, photography and planets and reflectors are best for deep space so I was thinking of looking at a decent refractor with it being more
  8. Hi all... I was wondering whether to consider upgrading my 250PX 10" Skywatcher Dobsonian scope to a computerised or motorised mounting or base but I am not sure if its a good idea or not at this stage or whether to just buy a different (already motorised goto) scope, the main 2 reasons being I would like to do a bit of photography in the future and also I can never find anything much. I have had it a year but so far have only seen the Moon and Jupiter in any detail and stars just seem like white dots. I was wondering if it might be better to buy a different scope altogether as I find this o
  9. Its a while since I bought these but I wanted to give them a proper tral before commenting on them. They are really good binocs and they were very good when on a tripod but in the end I have sold the Pentax PCF II 10x50 as I decided they were too heavy for normal use, the build quality and feel was brilliant but I have now bought some Elinor Ostara 10x50 and they are much better all round I think, they are lighter and the image seems a lot clearer, again the build quality is fantastic and they have a 30 year guarantee. It seems the Elinor 10x50 won a sky at night award for the best binocular a
  10. Advice please... I have just bought some new Pentax binoculars from FLO..they look great..and seem to be built very well The only thing is they make things look much further away and the eye pieces are far far too big for my eyes and much too far apart.. Nothing in the instructions can anyone help ?
  11. I just saw another post that made me laugh it was entitled "the cloudgazers lounge" which about sums up my experience of the hobby so far perfectly... It cant stay cloudy forever though...
  12. I Just inported a meteorite from the USA, it cost me $45 (45 dollars) and on that I was charged £18 by parcelforce, £8 handling fee and roughly £10 in taxes... I would only buy from abroad if its something that can NEVER go wrong and need to be returned... I was goind to but an Orion XT8 from the US but it worked out much cheaper to get the Skywatcher version when you take into account the shipping and taxes.
  13. Yes the 8 inchif you can get the extra money or get a used one, it was highly receommended although I had trouble getting an 8" recently as the importers had run out...they took the money and 5 days later when I enquired as to why it hadnt turned up I was told the importers had sold out and there were none left in the country so in my impatience I bought the 10" Skyliner 250PX which came within 48 hours of re-ordering. I had never used a scope except an old brass (ships) telescope and I was dubious as to how hard it would be to use but I taught muself to use it easily and after lining up the f
  14. To be honest I dont think I am experienced enough to write a review for other people yet.
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