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  1. Thanks for the info Billy will try harder
  2. I'm not sure how many subs i did but over my head i think 2x 300secs 3x120secs 2x200secs 4x60secs 6x30secs image was taken with a w/o 66 camera is qyh8 while guiding with a qhy5 camera.
  3. Hi all i had another go at m45 this time the mount did a lot better, i managed to get a few subs i think the max was 300secs. As you know my processing skills are very weak,so this is the best i could manage i have posted original file so if someone wants to have a blast and post results back they are welcome.. Any comments were i went wrong also welcome. http://ukastronomers.com/Pluto/action/download_files/fileid/81
  4. Hi all at this moment in time i am testing my equipment, camera's, software etc.. after having so much problems trying to get the right setup, i gave it a test run last night it was a bit on the windy side but still had a go, i took 6x2min guided exposure's, no drift alignment was done. the problem i have is by putting all my time into getting this side of stuff right i have no knowledge of processing so if someone with spare time can have ago at the subs and post the result, feedback it would be appreciated here is the link to the file http://ukastronomers.com/Pluto/action/download_files/fil
  5. Can someone tell me if this mount is supported in Eqmod? at the moment I'm running a cable from the RS-232 communication port on hand control, to a serial usb adapter.
  6. Thanks Reggie i don't know what that circular in the middle is but its on all images i have taken, i am going to do some flats to see if they sort it out. As for processing goes i need a book or something any suggestion? thanks again. Rings OK have they done the job or not?
  7. HI all i took an image of NGC 6992 a few nights ago, but my skills at processing are very poor, i wonder if someone with spare time would have a go at this and post it back so i know if the image is any good or not or where i have gone wrong. i have stacked the image in DSS using Light,bios and dark frames i didn't have time to do flats the image is 35.1mb in size thanks. Here is the link http://ukastronomers.com/Pluto/action/download_files/fileid/56
  8. Hi and welcome to SGL :salute:
  9. At the moment heat isn't a concern,being the tallest building around here the view to north,east and west are perfect south is limited,as for the other side of the roof it's a no go, north and east will be very limited.
  10. Can someone tell me why im getting a round circle in the middle? is there something wrong with the optics?
  11. Nice one Mark :hello1:
  12. Beamish If you need closer Pic's of the window then let us know i will email them to you.
  13. Hi All modifying the velux window wasn't the default to do,guessing i think it took me and Mark or should i say more mark then me just over an hour to do. the window has been in since sep/oct last year and (hasn't leaked as yet) now living in the pennines right on top of the hill we get some serious weather up here,just last week we had severe gale storm hitting 60/70 m.p.h. no problems what so ever. Price wise i think it cost just over £30 pounds to mod it, the velux cost around £250, the hard hitting is getting it installed it cost me £600 pounds but that was removing the exciting small ve
  14. Thanks all now i can put my mind to rest cheers
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