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  1. I bought my first scope back in January and had a few clear skies to use it but being a novice and was struggling with the goto mount it then sat in my lounge slowly becoming an expensive dust collector this was mainly due to lack of use owing to the cloudy Scottish skies and yes i contemplated putting on ebay but then i went on a holiday to egypt (Sharm el Sheikh) and went on a stargazing night which was amazing and they had huge telescopes which dwarfed my Skymax 127 and we got to view Saturn as you can imagine it furthered my intention to put mine on ebay as if i could see saturn clearly th
  2. In relation to the original question i for one watched and recorded the stagazing live shows and it inspired me to go out and get a scope finally after toying with the idea on and off for a few years and i will be a spotter as i am a firm believer in why run before you can walk and i am not much of a photographer but i can also see the appeal to astrophotography as some of the images do look impressive and will venture down that road eventually if only to show friends and family what i saw in the skies
  3. Thank you all for the warm welcome and i am now pleased to say that the scope has finally arrived and have got it set up and now just waiting for the stars to come out (hopefully) any advice would be greatly appreciated as to what lenses to use for what, i currently have with the scope a super plossl 25mm and a super plossl 10 mm also a x2 Barlow thanks again
  4. Hello all, may i say what a great help this site was in helping finalize my decision as to what scope to purchase as a first timer, i have always had an interest in Astronomy from a very young age but never pursued it through lack of funds, schoolwork etc then along came adulthood and my fascination was still there as strong as ever yet work commitments prevented me in pursuing the interest , now tho i am in a position and location where i believe i can get stuck right in, i must admit it was a struggle on what scope to buy as a beginner but also i wanted one that would also be good for expeie
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