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  1. Thanks, I did a re-process: fixed damaged stars, brightened background & gave it slightly more blue. Is this better?
  2. Hi Pete, Beautiful picture - better than anything I've ever done. It looks like it may have been overly sharpened at maybe 10 pixels? There are sort of worm formations coming out - visible on the largest size. cheers Allan
  3. Wow - so PI can do layers & has a brush tool as well? I didn't know that.
  4. For Photoshop training made easy - I suggest you look at all of Louie Atalas's videos on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ5b6pFHBGe66vsuSaXb-0A or his website here: http://www.atalas.net/ cheers Allan
  5. Thanks Paul, This annotated small Hubble image helps to find your way around it:
  6. Thanks Pete, I am thrilled with my new telescope - I've never had data this good before - the detail is amazing & it could have even been better as we sometimes get 2 arc seconds seeing in Melbourne Australia - not 3 as per the pic of Eta. cheers Allan
  7. Have I been having some processing fun! After 15 months of nothing I finally have some of my own data to play with. This time I took another crop but vertical & using 3 x Drizzle - but used every frame not just the 4 best ones.
  8. Just now I did a closeup. The Keyhole Nebula - 20 minutes of the best data. I selected the 4 best 5 minute LRGB frames & stacked them with 3 x drizzle & reprocessed for just the Keyhole area. Of course the result is more noisy but I can get away with it because the nebula is so bright in this area. The FWHM was approaching 3 arc seconds for many stars.
  9. Hi Paddy, I prefer the version with more noise. I notice that even Hubble pictures don't seem to have smoothed out noise. I suppose it's whether you're a purist or not. Anyway - it's an outstanding picture. cheers Allan
  10. Great picture Paddy, I would like to see another version without a smoothed background for a comparison. cheers Allan
  11. Thanks Mike, I can't see how you can do this without Photoshop. I don't anyone who can do all their processing in PixInsight. I mean - can you really get out a brush & paint over bright blue giant stars to do a layered blurred mask? cheers Allan
  12. Hi Mike, It's a difficult problem. I hope you don't mind? I mucked around with it in Photoshop adding 50% Red & 50 Ha to make a new Red channel & used that & different combinations of Ha as luminance in layers. In the end I had to mask the bright blue stars as they looked ridiculous. I also converted to LAB mode for some colour changes. I tried to bring out the curtain with curves & mixed back the original. This is what I got but there are 100 different combinations. cheers Allan
  13. Thanks, I changed it again as it had a purple caste. Link to full size here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/24719437@N03/31782635104/in/photostream
  14. LRGB version of Eta Carinae. High res version here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/24719437@N03/32567390966 cheers Allan
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