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  1. Many thanks, think its the route ill be heading down for eye pieces with such a variety of combinations to give me different options it seems very good value for money.
  2. Im considering buying Eyepiece Sets - Revelation Photo-Visual Eyepiece kit would anyone recommend this?
  3. It was a program called Spy-ware that downloaded, it blocked McAfee from running scans and just genereally pops up trying to sell you stuff and causes irritation. I have managed to remove it but every now and again i get a webpage open asking me if i want to run a program called odbe.cz.cc Im not 100% it was downloaded with registrax or castrator but as i havent downloaded anything else im unsure what it could be. I did suspect facebook for a while as it started poping up whilst my wife was using it.
  4. I am in a similar position, I have a skywatcher heritage 130p with the standard 10mm and 25mm lens. I have been considering whether to get a barlow to increase the magnification of the lens i have or to purchase a new planetary lens. I am hesitant to spend lots on the baader hyperion EP's as i have only recently bought my first scope. Would people recommend buying individual EP's or an EP set such as http://firstlightoptics.com/products.php?cat=81
  5. Just mananged to get back online after clearing a virus and spyware off my computer, just to warn people the only place this would have come from is either downloading of registrax or the other programme i was recommened. Just thought i should forwarn everyone.
  6. Unlucky StuDavis i think it was clear here until about 2 this morning but still i had a good couple of hours viewing done most on saturn
  7. I have had some good views of saturn tonight so i will probably just invest in a decent barlow lens so that i can see some more detail and that will keep me glued to the lens for some time to come. After reading your posts i have decided to wait on the EP's for the time being, Thanks for stopping me going on a spending spree
  8. The best way to know what your looking at with out a scope or binos that i have found is to look at the star/planet, if it is flickering then it is a start if it is a steady point of light then it is a planet. However im sure someone will correct me on that as i have probably just made that up from looking at saturn tonight which was an amazing view at only 65x through my scope.
  9. Thanks WayBig, Was worried it was too blurred to tell what it was
  10. Unfortunatly i havent got a clue how to use registraxx but managed to get an image out of the frames from the video i did. However the picture does not do what it actually looked like justice as i could clearly see the rings and at one point titan. The video was taken by holding a Fuji Film A100 digital camera to the lens. DSCF0006_castr.bmp
  11. The haze was quite bad in the lower skies tonight but about half 10 saturn slowly rose out of it and i had my first amazing views of it through my 10mm EP. I wasnt expecting much but could clearly see the rings and after half or so of looking i managed to spot Titan. I was absolutely suprised by what i could see even my Wife and Dad were impressed. We eventually came in from the cold after an hour and half of viewing. Im thinking a 2x barlow will be my next puchase!! I have managed to get a video clip of Saturn does anyone know any software i can use to try and stack the frames and see what i get.
  12. Looks clear here will get the scope outside soon for when saturn rises into view
  13. I have the skywatcher heritage 130p you do get some good views, you can see the orion nebula (was very faint in my garden due to light pollution) havent had a chance to look at saturn yet but should hopefully have views tonight if the weather holds. Welcome, good luck and enjoy
  14. As previously mentioned If it isnt broken Dont try and fix it
  15. I will be keeping a close on this thread, I have a Skywatcher 130p with the standard EP's which even if i had a barlow would not get me into the medium/high end of magnification. I like the look of your setup how ever I might be tempted by a 7mm to give me near max magnification.
  16. Ive got everything crossed i really want to get my scope back outside where it belongs. If i get more use out of it i will consider getting myself a 2x barlow and some new accesories.
  17. I have just taken a look at the weather forecast for Oxfordshire and we may get a couple of hours of clear skies tonight and then on monday tuesday next week we are forecast clear skies again. However im sure we are all aware of how accurate a 5 day forecast is!!!! Then i took a look at 7Timer: Fingers Crossed
  18. Avatar Star Trek Star Wars Apollo 13 (got to be my favorite) Armageddon Independence Day Deep Impact Total Recall (isnt too bad) The list could go on and on!!!
  19. Will be nice when we get some clear weather so i can have a look for myself.
  20. Thanks will give that a go when i get a chance to make sure mine is close.
  21. Would the same method work for an f/5 scope? Sorry to hijacking the thread!
  22. I have found that setting up the eye pieces in Stellarium gives a fairly ok inidication of what you can expect to see with regards to the plants, not so much DSO's though.
  23. I have the same scope, bought a couple of months ago. I have had a couple of uses out of and I dont beleive i have any of the problems you have mentioned above. I am also going to purchase a collimator to make sure the alignment is correct but am pretty sure its all ok. However i have noticed a couple of the alignment screws on the bottom are loose, going to check this when i get a collimator though. Personally i would go with gedmac and say it was a collimation issue.
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