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  1. I am impressed I tried a couple of weeks ago to do saturn with my new SPC880 (modded) but i couldnt find it in the sharp cap screen. Waiting for the moon to come back out at a reasonable hour to have some practice with it.
  2. I have a nice 20m extension lead in the garage for when i cut the grass so i can always get that out and plug my netbook into the mains if the battery is getting low or i know im going to be doing a long session.
  3. I have just purchased an Acer Aspire, it will give me about 4 hours use according to the spec which should be enough for what i want to use it for. Just waiting for my webcam to arrive and clear night to go out and try it
  4. Have ordered and Acer Aspire in the end as the wife said she would use it as well, also ordered my SPC880 kit so cant wait for it to all arrive now....
  5. does anyone have any experience of http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/5084306/c_1/1|category_root|OfficeC+PCs+and+phones|14418968/c_2/2|14418968|Laptops+and+netbooks|14419039.htm
  6. To be honest for the extra bit of money i would be better off getting a new netbook rather than a 2nd hand the best i can find is ACER Aspire One D255 - Red at cheap prices | PC World
  7. To be honest im just after something that is cheap at the moment I had looked at netbooks but thought the screen sizes were too small for what i wanted to use this for. If people have suggestions for an alternative that is £150 or less then ill take a look. Cheers All
  8. Yes it will only be used to connect the webcam to and save the avi files, I will then transfer them to my main comp to do any post processing. May be running stellarium on it as well though.
  9. Hello all, Im after some advice regarding a laptop im looking at getting to be used specifically for astrophotography (not image processing). I have been looking at: Cheap Dell Latitude D420 C2D 1gb 30gb xppro - 48771 - discounts & offers This seems reasonable price, I just wanted to see what other peoples views were on this. Many thanks
  10. I had forgotten about them will take a look at their sight, Thanks for the reminder
  11. Have i posted this in the right section?
  12. It doesnt cause to many problems i just stand in the way of the light at the moment.
  13. I currently live in an area where the nearest club to me is a good 40 minute drive away. I was wondering does anyone on this forum attend the Stratford Astronomy Society?
  14. Thats not a bad idea as i have very intruding street lamp that shines into my back garden!!!
  15. I was lucky and the wife let me buy the heritage 130p if she could have a look to:hello2: its a great starting scope and the basic eyepieces arent too bad, however you may want to invest in an eyepiece set which will last if you ever upgrade. You can clearly see saturn even though it is very small and with new EP's you can get a very clear view with the moons. You can just about make out the orion nebula as well if you can find it and the moon is not a bad look either. Have fun
  16. I really want to just go out and buy it but the wife keeps telling me not to so that she can get it me for my birthday in June. I cant wait that long though!!!
  17. Sounds like a very good night to be out!!
  18. I think that may be more to do with the way i took the video clip, becuase it wasnt a steady video it couldnt stack very well.
  19. This is after another little play in registax, definetly going to invest in a webcam and a cheap laptop
  20. junior

    Afocal Picture Attempts

    Attempts at taking pictures using the Afocal method
  21. Here is my attempt at saturn on Friday 10th April It was taken with a Fujifilm A100 held at the eyepiece. I did this as video clip and then stacked the images in registax i was fulled zoomed in when the video was taken which is why i think it is quite blurry. What i would like to know is there anyway i can make this image sharper? I havent really used registax very much. Any opinions would be great!
  22. I cant remember the maths but i no the limit of my scope is around 200x mag because of its aperature size and focal length (im sure somone far wiser will correct me if i am wrong). If i use a 6mm eyepiece in a barlow lens. so a 3mm equivlent, then i get a much less sharp image than if i used a 4.5mm equivlent. Also tracking becomes a major issue for me with mine being a manually tracked dob.
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