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  1. Thanks for that i will keep it in mind when i try again.
  2. This was taken with a 2x barlow as with out it i cant get the focus right, this was only a 15 second capture as any longer and it was out of the eyepiece as i dont have any tracking. Below are the text details from sharpcap: [Philips SPC 900NC PC Camera] Resolution=640x480 Frame Rate (fps)=15.00 Colour Space / Compression=YUY2 Exposure=-6 Brightness=46 Contrast=63 Saturation=100 Gamma=11 ColorEnable=255 BacklightCompensation=0 Gain=27 After using registax to align and limit the frames i only had a total of 48 frames to stack. hope this helps.
  3. Here is my second attempt at Jupiter, this is much improved. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. How ever i dont think i can get much better with the equipment i have.
  4. junior


  5. junior


    From the album: SPC880

  6. Cheers everyone, I think getting some sort of tracking option set up will help no end as it will free me up to play with the settings and getting the exposure and focus right. i had to keep one hand on the scope and use my net book in the other whilst remembering everything is in reverse Will definetly have another go when i can, i did get a couple thousand frames with this outing but i cant get them to stack because of the lack of alignment points and the amound of movent there was. If anyone wants to have a go ill try and remember to upload the avi. file Thanks again everyone for the confidence boost. It was extremely difficult to get Jupiter into frame with the set up i have,
  7. Ok this is my first attempt at jupiter on the same night i actually managed to get my scope out and see jupiter through it for the first time. It is an amazing sight even as small as i could view it through my scope. Now after looking at everyone elses images i am ashamed to post this and ask for advice. This was taken on the 30/09/11 at around midnight, so conditions were good but Jupiter was still a little low and in the haze. My scope is stated in the signature below and i got this image using a SPC880 flashed with a 2x barlow, whilst manually tracking and focusing the telescope. I havent stacked this image or touched it up in registax as the video clip was short and very jumpy from me holding the scope. Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. junior

    Jupiter 1st attempt

    From the album: SPC880

  9. Going by your estimation of its position then I am pretty sure i did see it.
  10. I think i have seen the SN tonight however as I have not seen one before I could have just been looking at a bright star If anyone has managed an image or two it would be great to see them just to confirm that I did or did not see it. If I did I found it quite easily after getting my bearings from the coords given and using Stellarium.
  11. Will have a watch when i get a chance thank you for the help and for a great piece of software.
  12. Complete newbie here when it comes to using webcams and photography. I do not know what each of the settings means/does so before i start sifting through the web to understand them I was wondering if there is a tutorial specificall for sharpcap that anyone has done. Many thanks
  13. Cheers gives a good idea of what we could expect, the down side is trying to do this with a dobsonian mount is quite difficult as i found out the other night.
  14. I have to say trying to keep saturn on the screen with the telescope we have at that magnification will be mighty difficult. Or am i doing something wrong?
  15. Thank you for the post Astro Imp will wait and see what money i get for my Birthday on Monday and see what sort of budget i have. Many thanks
  16. I have the same scope and havent managed to get saturn on the webcam yet but managed the moon the other night and had to use a 2x barlow. Well i took the lense out of the barlow and screwed it into the IR filter of the webcam.
  17. Many thanks As much as in the future i would love to do some deep sky imaging i will be realistic and admit i dont think i could ever afford it to be able to do it justice. I think i will be going for a normal SE mount either new or second hand so if anyone has a one available then im sure we could come to an agreement
  18. I have no experience of any of these mounts and am a bit hesitant when it comes to the equitorial mounts and setting them up, I dont want to get one and be put off by the setting up of the mount. Is this something others have experienced or is it simple to set up and get going?
  19. Well I am considering taking the plunge and upgrading my scope (a little birthday treat). I have decided to possibly buy a 2nd hand 6SE off of another member on this forum. However this would only be the OTA as the mount has already been sold. Can anyone recommend a good mount for this scope? I am tempted to save and get a new First Light Optics - Celestron Nexstar SE Mount & Tripod for the scope as the goto capability appeals to me. I also need something that will be able to track a target so that i can get more use out of my SPC880. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  20. ok so this is was my first attempt using my new SPC880 (flashed) I am fairly pleased with this although it did take me the best part of 2 hours to get The only way i could achieve focus was by either using the barlow or removing the lense from the barlow and screwing it into the cameras IR filter. Unfortunatly this meant the moon was alway to magnified to get a whole moon shot. And meant that with my scope i had to do small captures and hope they stacked. any thoughts would be appreciated
  21. junior

    moon1 6/6/11

    From the album: SPC880

  22. I did try to do that but still couldnt get it to appear on the screen, Im not sure i had any of the settings correct which is why i want t try it out on the moon and make sure i know what i am doing lol.
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