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  1. From the options you have given I would go for Skywatcher 130p Supatrak, this has a larger aperture which basically means you can see more and for the price seems very good value. You might want to use some of your spare budget getting some decent eye pieces to go with it. Im sure there will be plenty of other people who will give you some sound advice.
  2. Lovely image, only thing that doesnt look quite right is the corners of your image. Not sure whether it just needs cropping or if you have picked up the scope. I am sure someone far more intelligent than me will be able to clarify
  3. Reading through this thread and seeing your final creation I really want to build my own, unfortunately I need to move first. So I need to figure out a way of hinting to the wife that our next house has to be in the middle of nowhere and have unobstructed views
  4. As some of the stars are possibly behind the gas would they not appear a different colour to white? For example the large star in the centre would appear cyan as it is behin the blueish gas!! Please correct me if I am wrong.
  5. I wish there was a "Love This" button
  6. Hi Deigo, I have had very good views of Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. I have been able to see the various colour bands on Jupiter. I have also been able to view the Andromeda Galaxy recently and the Orion Nebula (be warned you will not see colour in any of these, they are very faint) If you geta webcam you can take some good images of the moon and even though it is a bit fiddly you can get the planets as well. Hope this helps
  7. Sorry Dieogo I live in a town and even though we have alot of light pollution I couldnt say how this telescope will perform in a large city
  8. Hi Diego, I have and would recommend the Heritage 130p, very portable and doesnt take up much room when not in use. I will also say that it is possible to take images with this telescope either afocally (very difficult) or with a webcam (much easier). Hope this helps
  9. Hi Special K, I have a red dot finder on my scope and it lines up perfectly with my scope, have checked it out on various stars. Thanks for the suggestion though. Sorry Paul, I have a one year old son and need to go to work so sleep is most definetly requred I am praying for clear skies in January
  10. Just reading back, if you already have a mount it may be worth getting the ST80 as it is cheaper (OTA only). They are both F5 scopes so viewing will be fairly similar I believe I think you definetly have a tough choice on your hands.
  11. Hi Andrew, I have a Heritage 130p and I am very impressed with it, from a storage point of view it takes up very little space in our conservatory and is very portable. If you are interested in doing some basic AP then you can get a webcam (I have the Phillips SPC880) which was fairly cheap and easy to use for Lunar and Planetary imaging (Jupiter / Saturn and Mars at a stretch). I cant wait for the moon and Jupiter to come out at a reasonsable time so that I can start up again. I have also see the Andromeda Galaxy through this scope along with M92. Hope this helps.
  12. Amazing Image Pete. I really like your website, you have some stunning images on there.
  13. Had the scope out again last night as it was clear enough for me to just make out the milky way across the night sky. Even though it was lovely and clear I really struggled, I wasnt able to locate M92 which I had previously found and I also couldnt find M13 or M57. After a while I gave up and looked for Andromeda which I found straight away also once I found it I realised I could just about make it out without using the telescope. Cant wait for Jupiter to be viewable at a reasonable time so that I can do some more imaging
  14. Is it not possible to put a LP filter onto a OSC CCD? Sorry I have no experiance of these cameras and whilst reading this thread people were recommending Mono CCD's as they have less issue with LP due to the NB filters used. Apologies if I have just ruined a intelligent discussion with a noob question.
  15. I prefer the darker background as it looks more natural however as others have stated I would be happy to have taken either
  16. When we next have clear skys I will search them out Many thanks
  17. Hi Paul, Many thanks for your response and you are correct it was M92, typo when setting up the thread. I was looking at Vega quite a bit last night to get my bearings and didnt realise the ring nebula was so close, I should have had a look for it. I havent had my telescope out in months and now I have got it out even the moon is below the horizon
  18. I had my telescope (Heritage 130p) out last night, unfortunately all the visable planets are below the horizon and so is the moon so i decided to see what else I could see. On Sunday night I managed to find the Andromeda Galaxy which I was extremely happy with and last night I managed to find M93 using, I think, a 32mm eye piece. However when I increased manification I found it very difficult to get this into focus and it seemed to become fainter and fainter each time I increased magnification. Is this because my telescope isn't large enough to gather enough light? Thank you in advance to anyone who responds.
  19. Managed to find Andromeda for the first time last night, amazing how a faint smudge can leave you in awe!!!

    1. ronin


      Even more amazing is how easy it will be to find the next time.

  20. I managed to get my scope out last night for the first time in a long time and it was also the first time I saw M31 through my own scope. Only a faint smudge but still impressive and it really does show how impressive your picture is. You should put some copy right on that picture as you could sell the prints
  21. That is an absolutely stunning image, I havent event attempted any DSO's at present so probably cant judge but I would say it doesnt need anything else.
  22. I really like the second picture taken with the atik 383L
  23. Havent been on in months, better get the scope out again soon if the skies clear up :)

  24. Hi Stenik, I keep an eye on their website to see when they are holding events, I am going to go out to their "Galaxies and Garden" event in a couple of weeks.
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