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  1. mainly widefield piggyback shots of stars and clusters.x
  2. hi there , does anyone use a sony alpha for astro photography as would love to know what settings you use for your pics many thanks amy x
  3. just in the garden messing about with my new dslr camera on a tripod , does anyone know how to focus on stars as im not doing too good ,my old camera had a infinity setting but cant find 1 on this thanks.x
  4. hi everyone , im looking for settings tips for piggyback photography using my dslr , can anyone help? x
  5. i have bought a sdlr for my astro photography and was after any advice on what filters to buy for it x
  6. does it help that i know have a 127mak which has a f=1500mm?
  7. i was going to go upto the 30 second exposure mark , surely i would be able to catch more than just planets/lunar with that? now back to the issue of which cameras if you please.lol x
  8. i want to get a dslr for wide field pics and to attatch to my telescope , but im not bothered about long exposures and lots of stacking so i dont think i really need a canon with its bulb usb settings and software etc...i just want one that i will know will def fit attatchments to insert it into my telescope , does anyone have any ideas of what cameras would suit me and does anyone use a sony alpha as ive seen a few of them in my price range many thanks amy x
  9. well i would prefer a camera with good bulb control.x
  10. would a 400d canon be just as good? x
  11. hi there , ive been advised by a few here to buy a 1000d or 1100d canon camera for my astro photography , but ive seen a few 350d.400d,450d canons for sale , will they be just as good? many thanks amy x
  12. yes for ast photography and have decent budget upto around 300-500 , ive been looking at the sony alpha series?? x
  13. im looking to get my 1st dslr and was wondering if anyone has any opinions on the best camera many thanks amy x
  14. hiya all , im looking to get my 1st dslr and get rid of my bridge camera so i can do some real astrophotography , what would you suggest please amy x
  15. i am trying to connect my home pc to my telescope when it is outside and have 1 repeater booster cable but get no signal when attatched to normal usb extension leads so am wondering if anyone knows if you can connect 2 repeater booster cables together and keep a strong enough signal many thanks amy x
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