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  1. I was setting up my scope earlier this evening (it was already dark) and as I was looking through my scope to locate Jupiter I saw something flashing out of focus (as I was just about to bring my scope into focus). At first I thought what is that and then figured it must be a plane, so I glanced up from my scope just to see the plane fly straight across in front of Jupiter so that for a split second it disappeared!
  2. Hi there and welcome. I hear a lot of good things about First light Optics I when I have ordered from them they have been good. If you are wanting to go to somewhere to have a look then there is Opticstar in Sale which shouldnt be too far for you. They were very good when I went to get my set up.
  3. Cool, thanks guys. I was aware I would need the 15x70 on a tripod and I had also thought like you Jules that if I'm putting up a tripod for some bins I might as well put up my scope. Seems to defeat the object of bins to put them on a tripod somehow though I know why people do and it would make a reasonably portable viewing setup to take away. My dad has some 10x42 so I might try those to see what detail I can pick up first at that magnification. Thanks again to both of you.
  4. Hi Jules, Thanks for responding, since posting I have being doing a bit of looking around at the Celestron bins, what are peoples opinions on those. I was looking at the Nature 10x50 Porro and the SkyMaster 15x70.
  5. I currently have some compact opticron 8x25 bins but I am thinking of some of higher magnification for evenings when I just want a scan of the sky. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions of what might be good. At the moment I can see Jupiter and some moons with the ones I have but it doesn't look spectacular. Anyhelp and advice would be much appreciated.
  6. Sounds good, I was thinking of doing some decking for my scope. Be aware though that if it is raised and (i think) higher than a foot off the ground you might need to get planning permission.
  7. Pleased to hear you are enjoying your new toy I too saw Jupiter for the first time tonight and was stood there saying wow! You will be amazed when you get looking at the moon, its fantastic, I love showing friends the moon through my scope they just cannot believe the detail etc.
  8. Thanks for this Martin but it seems to be PC software and I'm running Mac! Is there anything else?
  9. These are great, I tried with my iPhone once but with no success.
  10. Typical, looking like cloud for here on Monday night
  11. I can't believe I have just read this after it has got dark!!
  12. I have just seen Jupiter and Venus properly for the first time through my 80ED. I could make out 3 moons around Jupiter with a 28mm eye piece but when I used a 4mm plossl...... wow! I could see many bands of colour and 4 moons. As for Venus, it is very bright but also low in the sky so is being affected quite badly with light polution and atmosphere but still good to have had a look at it.
  13. Okay, so I think I finally have my reticule aligned but now I need the transit time for Polaris to set the rest up, please can anyone help with how I find this out?
  14. I have yet to do any serious imaging as I haven't fully set up my kit to be able to do this (which is really bad seen as I have had my scope nearly a year! ). I am a Mac user and have been looking at different threads and searching the internet for a stacking software for when I finally have some images to work with. When I was reacently reading a copy of Practical Photography there was an article on how to take images of star trails and it referred to some free software (for mac) called Starstax. I know in that case it was used to merge images of star trails but I was wondering if anyone had come across it and whether it uses the same principle as other stacking software and would work for stacking astro images.
  15. Excellent, congratulations on your purchase. Will you be out this evening to give it a spin?
  16. When I first posted I didn't realise that you were refering to a reflector. With my refractor if I put an eyepiece straight in line with the scope the image is upside down, if I put a 90 degree piece with a 45 degree mirror in-between the scope and eyepiece the image is then upright but flipped left to right, if I remove all of that and attach my camera then everything is the right way up and correct left to right. It's to do with the mirrors, the image gets altered each time it hits a mirror. It confused me a bit to start with but by trying different combinations of things it became clearer. Have fun
  17. When you were looking at the chimney is your eye piece in line with the scope or do you have a 90 degree angle piece in between the eye piece and the scope?
  18. StarryEyes


    Hi there YorkieGraham, Oh I think we can make a little exception :)
  19. Yes lets hope so, I'm looking forward to it
  20. Result, hope it gets sorted for you soon
  21. I have just seen that Stargazing Live is back on Monday at 8.30pm
  22. The moon is looking particularly lovely and dramatic as it sets tonight. Constantly changing colour as it drops, just a shame I can't get my scope on it. Anyone else seen it?
  23. I've just been out for a bit viewing Jupiter through my binoculars. It's looking very clear and bright tonight, doesn't seem to have its orangey glow that I have noticed before though. Could that be because of where it is in the sky? I can see 3 moons, can anyone see any more?
  24. Thanks for that Mick. I'll try and see how I get on and then if I have no joy I might be giving you a call.
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