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  1. Two beautiful images. How have you mounted your camera?
  2. This is lovely, the green in the framing trees compliments the sky.
  3. That's a beautiful picture. Just a long enough exposure to capture some movement on the ground, short enough to keep the stars as spots of light, or is it a few images stacked together? The warm glow from the light polution just sets it off I think, giving some depth to it making the trees stand out. Lovely
  4. I'm going to have a go at this this summer Gaz. In fact I might make a few in different sizes and then put them on my house wall as it's south facing. The only frustrating thing with this is after 6 months, what if you havent got anything!!!!
  5. I think I might be able to shed a bit of light on a couple of things that people have brought up on this as I researched it a bit when I was considering showing this technique to some of my students. The nature of the pinhole camera means that you get a wide FOV, this then allows you to capture such a vast area of sky. Its alsomst like having a fish eye lens and can create some wacky effects when you photograph something close up. The closer your light sensitive paper of film is to the pinhole the wider your field of view will be. I have a Holga Wide pinhole camera Redirect Notice and this captures a very wide FOV see here: Holga Wide Pinhole - a set on Flickr lukebl is correct it is called Solargraphy. I too was confused as to how it doesnt get over exposed. Well infact actually it does, but it gets so over exposed that it acrually burns the image into the emulsion of the light sensitive paper that the camera has been loaded with. Usually conventional darkroom printing paper is used for Solargraphy. To try and explain, when you expose paper to light in a darkroom you need to pass it through chemistry to develop the image and make it apear on the paper. With this the image is already on the paper when you remove it from the camera and you do not put the paper through any chemistry to make the image apear. If you did, the paper would instantly go black because it has been over exposed. The reason you use the scanner to develop the film is beacuse the image captured on the photographic paper will be negative. This is because usually then working in a darkroom you project a negative image (eg from your film, hence why they are called neagtives, sorry if that is obviouse to some) onto the paper and then it becomes positive.Scanning the image allows you to put it into photoshop etc and invert it to make the image positive. A while back I started a thread to ask if anyone had ever tried Solargraphy http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-discussion/136511-pinhole-photography-solargraphy.html Sorry if I've rambled a bit just thought I'd share what I know.
  6. Thanks for everyone's input. Say I were to go for the DS what might I be able to image differently to what I could get with my 80ED DS?, even though I know that imaging is generally better with a refractor. Does anyone know what physical length the scope is and how much shorter it is than the P? Just curious because I'm a bit limited on space.
  7. Can anyone tell me what advantages there would be of the DS over the standard? I understand that the tube is shorter and it has a secondary mirror which makes it better for photography? And it has dual speed focuser. I was looking at this as a viewing scope as I have a 80ED DS for imaging so would there be much in getting the Explorer DS if I'm just viewing with it? Also how much more would I see with the Explorer 150 than my current 80ED? One last thing! Would the 150 be comfortable on my EQ5 Pro mount?
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    photo 4

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    photo 3

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  12. I can imagine, when I was in Hong Kong the smog barley even lifted. The only thing really worth trying to look at in the night sky in HK is the light and laser show! I have a video if it somewhere but can't put my finger on it at the moment.
  13. That technology is impressive to allow them to catch the culprits. I thought about getting a laser pointer a while back but have always been a bit weary of it in case of accidentally causing a problem to aircraft. I don't live particularly close to the airport but a lot of flight paths pass trough the airspace above where I live. Its not just aircraft that suffer from idiotic use of laser pointers either, a few times I have encountered them whilst driving. Someone in a car behind me was shining one in my mirrors and another time I was sat at some traffic lights and the whole time someone was tracing all around inside my car and me with one, which was very unnerving especially when I couldn't see where it was coming from.
  14. You can also use a free piece of software that you can download from the net called Stellarium. Here: Stellarium Its a great tool, I use it a lot and worth having for planning what you are going to view before setting up. When you see the ISS you will be amazed. When you are watching it pass don't be surprised if it suddenly disappears, this is as it falls into the shadow of earth as the light you are seeing is the sun reflecting off it.
  15. How inconsiderate of the tree!!
  16. I always find it amazing how you don't really realise how much light pollution there is until you are in a dark place near to a big city. Recently I was traveling down from Fort William and pulled in for a bit at the side of Loch Lomond just as it was getting dark. I could see this pinky red colouring in the sky which at first looked like the sun setting, then I thought, it's in the wrong direction for the sun. As I watched and it got darker I realised that it was the light pollution from Glasgow!! I have noticed this similar effect of light pollution being prominent over Shrewsbury when I have been in Chruch Stretton. Luckily in Church Stretton you are far enough away for it not to effect the sky. I have had great views of the Milky Way from there.
  17. Working okay here, maybe it's the aliens!!
  18. Thanks all, different things to think about. todd8137, interesting idea, might try that
  19. Cool, I wondered if it might have been something like that. I must have missed it when it was on SG Live on Mon, because I don't recall seeing it, it's impressive. Again, great pics.
  20. These pics are amazing. The second one I loved when I saw it on the program tonight. The first one, how did you do it? I can see the stones have been lit but how have you got all the detail in the sky aswell all in one shot?
  21. Just wondering if anyone has these or knows if they are any good? Meade 10x50 Binocular Special Offer Also how might they compare the these Celestron 10x50 First Light Optics - Celestron Nature 10x50 Porro
  22. Hi Matt, Welcome to the forum. Nice scope, when its not cloudy I bet you have great dark skies?
  23. Oh yes, I certainly am watching If I'd set up sooner and seen the plane coming then I might have had a chance at a pic, shame really, would have been a good one to send into SG Live, might have even made the wall!
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