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  1. Great image. That's an unfortunate accident but a good one to learn from. Looks like a great location, I love Cornwall.
  2. Cool. I looked at some of your others you have on there aswell. I like the one with the clouds, each level is moving in a different direction. I did a time-lapse myself like that once.
  3. Thanks Jamie and Digz. Jamie, I used the 18-55 kit lens that came with my Canon, set to 18mm. I have a 10-22 which I'm intending to use at 10mm, which will only give me effectively 16mm on a 550D but its still worth a go.
  4. Thanks very much for your kind comment Woollenson. I'm hoping to have a go at some more when the sky clears! Just need to find another dark site.
  5. So I still have a bit to do but here is something I have so far. First of all my main star trail of the night Then there is a time-lapse that I did (the quality seems to have droped quite a lot after putting it onto youtube, not sure if this is because it hasn't fully uploaded yet) Then I have this which isn't really a star trail, its the stills I did for the time-lapse which I thought I would have a go at putting into StarStaX
  6. That's strange, unless you don't have sufficient ram or something like that. Might be worth just going back to the site and looking at what the system requirements are.
  7. Way to go, glad you're enjoying it and got hooked
  8. This is great, loving the self portrait aspect. Looks like a good capture of the milkyway also. I couldn't get a clear view of the milkyway from where I was lastnight, looking forward to when I do though.
  9. I definatly have Stewart. From tonights shoot I have managed to get a startrail image, a time-lapse then with the same images, some great single images from that imaging session as the cloud kept rolling over, some nice widefield shots of Orion and the plough and another short time-lapse!
  10. Tonight I've set up my camera to do some startrails as I've finally got a fairly dark spot and some clear skies. I did a test shot to check my framing and my eyes nearly poped out of my head. The amount of stars that were visible in the one shot. I was so excited then to get some images shot to be able to create my first proper star trail. I just can't wait to get them put together. I hope it works. As I've been writing this a bank of cloud has rolled over covering Orion the other way. I'm hoping it will clear for me to get a shot of it also.
  11. Great work. What you could try in future for your star trails is using a wider focal length, say 18mm and placing Polaris in your field of view. Stars rotate around Polaris so you will get them trailing around that. Also try doing more than one exposure and putting them into a program like startrails.exe which you can download off the net for free. To start with try 800 ISO with 30 second exposures at f/4. 40 mins of that should give you something.
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    From the album: Non-Astro

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    From the album: Non-Astro

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