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  1. Canon have announced the Astrophotography specific 60Da. "Designed specifically for astrophotography, the EOS 60Da is more sensitive to infrared light thanks to a modified low-pass filter that sits in front of the camera’s 18-megapixel CMOS sensor." Canon EOS 60Da - EOS Digital SLR Camera - Canon UK
  2. These pics are great, thanks for posting them up. Are they Afocal?
  3. I didn't know that Venus and Jupiter were going to cross paths on Tuesday. Just hope it's clear. Want to get to a dark spot and get some imaging done.
  4. Thanks lightorb. Managed to get Polaris this time (above image).
  5. Here is tonight's attempt. It kept being interrupted by passing cloud but this is made up of a section of cloud free images. I think I'm going to have to go back up to a higher ISO to bring out more of the fainter stars.
  6. Thanks Jamie, Here is the next, this was shot at 200 ISO, 10 second exposures @ f/4 The problem I then had as you can see is the moon came across. I then cropped it down to this. Still a bit of glow from the moon but not as distracting. Thinking of trying even further across to the right next time and turning portrait as I think I might just catch Polaris in the shot.
  7. Tonight is crisp and clear so I thought I would give some more star trails a go. With the moon being quite prominent and with using a 10-22 lens set to 10 I was restricted with where I could shoot so ended up with houses on the right but I quite like how it frames the shot. I shot large jpg and RAW and I'd only put a 4gb card in (doh!) so it wasn't long before it was full, hence the short trails but here it is. I've currently got another on the go as I type this, I've had to swing further round to the right as well as the moon has come around more.
  8. I saw something about this on the Telegraph and Argus twitter this morning. Can't believe I missed it and it was on my birthday
  9. Who watched it, what did you think? I found it very interesting.
  10. Just seen this that is to be shown next Sunday (4th March) on BBC2 at 21.00 BBC Two - Orbit: Earth's Extraordinary Journey
  11. Great pics everyone, I unfortunately wasn't near home when I spotted it so had no gear with me to shoot it, gutted. Thought I would do some star trails when I got home, typically, its clouded over here too now. Grrrrrr!
  12. I noticed it too (well it was pretty hard to miss!) I was just going out with my friends when I spotted it. Only had my phone on me so shot a quick pic on that so the quality is terrible but here it is.
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