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  1. I found myself looking up to the stars just now, as my dog woke me up to go and have a little trip to the garden!

    As I was gazing up I noticed a shooting star (nothing too questionable about that), then I saw another. But then something else caught me attention. I saw a flash, similar to that of the lights of an aircraft, but it just seemed to be too high. I kept watching and could just make out a very faint object moving, which looked like a satellite. But what I then kept seeing doesn't make any sense to me. There were subsequent flashes coming from this object but they were not in a regular rhythm as you would expect from an aircraft and eventually they stopped altogether, before it disappeared out of view over the house. Now I have seen enough satellites in the past to know that they don't flash but have a steady reflection of light, unless there is something that I am unaware of.

    Does anyone have any idea what I might have been seeing?

    This occurred at 4.15am

    I know it's rather unscientific, but I have attached a picture highlighting the area it was in and the rough path it took.


  2. I haven't been on here for a while and re visited the other night after seeing a huge meteor.

    I decided to pop out with my camera tonight on the off chance that the Aurora was visible as low down as here, but unfortunately I haven't seen anything. Not being in a particularly dark area probably hasn't helped either. But I still decided to get some shots as it is lovely and clear.

    What I can't believe is I missed capturing a meteor which shot straight through my field of view. Inbetween two shots the security light came on and as I was waiting for it to go off I was looking at the live view on the back of my camera and there it was, shot straight across. First of all I was all wow, then frustrated!

    So the other night I completely missed capturing a meteor as I was inside, tonight I was out with my camera but timing wasn't on my side, so third time lucky!

    Anyway below is my shot of tonight's Sky (sorry it's on its side, I think it's because I'm on my iPad). I should have been on a higher ISO but I've got the main constellations.

    Can't wait for some more clear skies to get out and do some star trails and time-lapse.


  3. So I'm sat watching TV and I noticed that it was clear outside so I was thinking I would get my camera out to take some wide field shots. Then all of a sudden (I wasn't looking out of the window but at the TV) a bright streak of light caught my eye through the window and I looked to see a huge shooting star streak through the sky. I couldn't believe how bright it was.

    I wish I'd been a bit sooner with my camera!

    Did anyone else see it? It was heading south just over 15 mins ago.

  4. Thanks Jamie,

    Here is the next, this was shot at 200 ISO, 10 second exposures @ f/4


    The problem I then had as you can see is the moon came across.

    I then cropped it down to this.


    Still a bit of glow from the moon but not as distracting.

    Thinking of trying even further across to the right next time and turning portrait as I think I might just catch Polaris in the shot.

  5. Tonight is crisp and clear so I thought I would give some more star trails a go.

    With the moon being quite prominent and with using a 10-22 lens set to 10 I was restricted with where I could shoot so ended up with houses on the right but I quite like how it frames the shot.

    I shot large jpg and RAW and I'd only put a 4gb card in (doh!) so it wasn't long before it was full, hence the short trails but here it is.


    I've currently got another on the go as I type this, I've had to swing further round to the right as well as the moon has come around more.

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