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  1. sound about right, hav a look on youtube see if they sound the same
  2. I hav the 2" this http://www.telescopehouse.com/acatalog/Telescope_House_Diagonals.htm it is the same as the william quartz at 1/3 cheeper
  3. The mount is a heq5 pro and the rings are Sky-Watcher
  4. Can someone tell me witch size Dovetail Mounting Plates I need for a cellstron ed100? as the scope came with the rings but without a plate. Cheers Derek
  5. Astronomiser - Automated Astronomy and AstroImaging Solutions
  6. same as above, i us a hyperion zoom with T-2 adapter M34 then T ring on dslr this way u get magnifications of 8/12/16/24 all in one
  7. Nice detail , but I am seeing a loot of green on the edges of the craters?
  8. Hi and welcome James Hope the sky are better than her in Manchester
  9. helios99

    Hi all

    Hi and welcome lords of good info on this site
  10. :icon_salut:Hi and welcome
  11. I went for a 8" F/6 dobsonian to learn and easy to move
  12. Hi tibbs this is a good site for beginners.
  13. I hav a 8 inch DOB at the Moment as this seams to be the advice on this site first timers, but wood like to go into imaging, so on the look out for Go2 mounts for my DSLR
  14. That look dam good,you photograph I hav seen in over post are inspiring
  15. Bid for £15 plus Postage: £3.50 £18.50 if not happy put back on ebay
  16. hi and welcome, hard to beat FLO on price, well done
  17. thanks this would have gone straight past me
  18. Hi craig welcome to SGL
  19. Hers a link to a vid about drift alignment I fund Andy's Shot Glass - Drift Alignment for Amateur astrophotography,ccd, Neutonians and Refractors, amateur astronomy
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