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  1. Yeah it used to take me about an hour - then I'd have focusing and software issues which could take up to another hour to sort. Then the clouds would roll in!
  2. Agreed. Best sky I ever experienced was on Llyn Peninsula. Incredible.
  3. Ditto. James is a star. Well Shane I for one would be up for informal get-togethers up north. I'm sure Ian (Uplooker) would be interested as well.
  4. Is anyone, like me, beginning to feel any withdrawal symptoms as the date for what would have been PSP approaches?
  5. I was over in Neptune for a change this year. Got some grab & go binocular action with Cygnus, Cassiopeia and M31 and managed to track Arcturus in the scope for 3 minutes! So all in all better than last year. Good to catch up with everyone - hope to catch up with those who couldn't make it at the next one. James - I think you confused me with Stu when I was leaving - it's the BMW & Exodus roof box effect. But I appreciated the personal touch goodbye nonetheless ;-) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Hey Ian - another imaging to observing convert eh? I blame that Moonshane bloke (although I don't want to upset him too much cos I'm going to need his advice when I get my Dob too!!!). Good luck with the build. If you get it finished will you be hauling it down to PSP this year? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Me too. Just recently returned from PSP13. Unfortunately only got a view of the inside of my tent ;-) blasted rain! The company made up for the weather though :-)
  8. Curious to know your setup John and this Teamviewer as I have a Mac too, Whats involved in it? Rob. Basically, because I use a Skywatcher mount and love EQMod, I'm tied to windows. So, I have a windows machine outdoors attached to the mount and cameras. Teamviewer is remote access software which allows me to access the Windows machine from the Mac indoors. Highly recommended Rob - free and reliable!
  9. HEQ5 on pier, PHD finally settled and behaving well. On my 10th 3min sub of M27 imaged with Nebulosity all controlled via Teamviewer on my iMac whilst drinking a cup of tea in the comfort of my living room. But is it astronomy?..........
  10. Sorry - make that 3 stars!!! Cracking presentation on Saturday mate. Pity about the stock car race that was going on next door!
  11. Well - I bailed just before it went dark yesterday. My tiny tent was too tiny - won't be travelling quite that light ever again. Great to see old friends and make some new ones. Hey - at least I saw 2 stars! And no - it wasn't the same one twice ;-)
  12. Just getting my kit together now. The family unable to come with me this year so I'm just bringing a 2 man tent. And lots of wine. Just in case the Met office are right!
  13. Multi Pier Adaptor ordered 16 Sept - arrived 17th. On 16th shortly after ordering I realised that I had ordered the wrong colour. One quick phone call later and everything was sorted. So - excellent service, fast delivery and most of all an outstanding product.
  14. Fine mate - sometimes life gets in the way!! Just taken delivery of Altair Pier Adaptor. Got to say the service from them was first class. Ordered Monday received Tuesday. It's the new version that will take a variety of mounts too in case I go for the EQ6 at some point. I've also taken down the 'Wendy House' in readiness for the build. Good to hear from you Ian - I'm sure we'll catch up at PSP13
  15. I think it's from this company http://www.homeobservatoryuk.com/?p=telescope.piers I say think because I picked it up refurbished on eBay.
  16. I have some Altair mounting kit and agree that it's good quality stuff. Mind made up then and order placed. I suppose I was fishing for some kind soul to offer to mill one for me for a fiver... ;-)
  17. Not far from the dream myself. LP is going to be even more interesting when the new Aldi car park gets its quota of unnecessary lighting :-(
  18. Ok - back from holiday and about to sort out materials. Time to comb through all the other threads here for ideas! Looking at one of these pier adapters for my HEQ5. Can anyone recommend? They look like a good option as they seem to take a variety of mounts.
  19. Weeks holiday in North Pennines interrupting progress. It'll give me time to work out how much material I'll need.
  20. Hola Ramiro Espero que te gusta el foro
  21. Ok. It's on! Concrete had cured enough to take the shuttering off. As per previous post I was worried that the bolts may have set in at a slight angle so I gave the pier a try. It was a tough job (on my own!) but I finally got it down and it's absolutely fine. Happy days.
  22. The site. The whole garden is about to be landscaped so excuse the mess! The hole is approx 50 x 50 x 80cm deep. M16 threaded rod with lengths of angle iron welded. I was never going to bend those things! The jig! After the pour... And finally what it looks like this morning. Just hope the pier's going to slip easily over those bolts....
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