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  1. Had an 8" Light Switch for a year and love it. Done more to advance star gazing than any other scope in the last ten years. My first scope and within half an hour out of the box was looking at amazing planets and deep sky objects. Main criticism is the price - but if you can afford it - buy it - you wont regret it. Regards Paul
  2. I have had the 8" LS for nearly a year now, my first scope. just take it outside, flick the on switch - and 10 minutes later it is aligned. For a first scope within seconds I was observing some great deep space objects - superb - how many people can say that - It really is idiot proof. I recommend you get the optional TV monitor which will improve your experience greatly. Want to see the crab nebular? choose it from the menu and seconds later there it is. However good the scope is not an imager - to wide of field - there are better options out there but if you can afford it and want to see the hevens without the hastle of setting up and aligning, this is the scope for you. Regards Paul
  3. Some really nice shots there. Regards Paul
  4. An excellent effort for your 1st try, well done
  5. Well I have had the 8 inch for about 6 months now and I have to tell you all it is amazing. No faults out of the box, aligns itself in minutes, the tonight's tours and the goto system is quick and accurate. Superb optics and for a beginner like me, I can view some great deep sky objects just like a pro. If there is a downside apart from the price I was also hoping that the inbuilt camera would double up for taking pictures - but I have not had much luck - a guy called John Kramer from the States has been getting some incredible results but not sure what his set up is. A superb scope for the beginer and pro alike.
  6. Meade Light Switch technology does work - take the scope outside and 10 minutes later your ready to tell it where to go.
  7. Joined this year and bought a Meade Light Switch - 1st time I see Saturn was amazing - seen some great deep space objects but sometimes I feel I am cheating with this scope (which I adore)
  8. Thank you for both your answers but I was looking for software where I could log all the objects I look up - how do other astronomers remember what they have observed over the year - if I said to you have you ever seen M** or M** how would you remember. I could have a go at a spread sheet but I am not that good. As for the simple log Seliotis it appears just to be a printable piece of paper to log a single event but thanks anyway.
  9. I have searched the net high and low and can not seem to find what I am looking for. All I want is a piece of software that allows me to tick off what objects I have seen so over the course of my life I can see all that I have surveyed without looking for them again by mistake, it would also be nice if I could enter comments and the date etc. The cream on the cake would be if it had a picture of the object beside it. Oh and one more thing it would be great if it ran on my MAC. I don't care if it has a lot of other features. Surely I am not the only one who has asked this problem and I do not want to use a note book and pencil.
  10. There are plenty of iphone and ipad apps that will help you find saturn Regards Paul
  11. Stunning really like this Well Regards Paul
  12. Took my Meade LS out last night to primary try out a new eyepiece, bought the 18mm UWA Meade, the point is good views but the image is shaky or rather I expect you are going to tell me its my head that's shacking. Question is how do you guys & gals keep a rock steady image, the included 26mm does not suffer so mush being a wider angle. So whats the answer - please................. Regards Paul
  13. A dew heater round the diagonal Regards Paul
  14. Thats a nice picture for your 1st attempt. I am well jealous. Well done.
  15. Just got my Meade 18mm UWA eye piece and my god its so big compared to the 26mm meade 4000 that came with my 8" LS. Its like a hand grenade, whatever must the 30mm UWA be like, Regards Paul
  16. Still waiting to see any planets with my new scope!!!!! Blooming clouds Regards Paul
  17. I have not personally seen any but I have been in the market for one and they appear to start from £40 upwards depending on the complexity you require. Regards Paul
  18. Cracking picture, Very envious!! Regards Paul
  19. sooren


    Welcome to a great forum Regards Paul
  20. Welcome to the money pit and enjoy the forum Regards Paul
  21. Welcome to the money pit Regards Paul
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