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  1. Cheers Luke. Noob question: what do you mean by the 'limb'?
  2. Thanks for your kind words guys. I was quite disappointed when I couldn't connect the t-ring to my Hyperion, but I'm fairly happy with this shot. Would of liked to pull a bit more detail out of the sunspots, but I also wanted to maximise the surface detail. And I couldn't be bothered with any complex masking of curves. Really looking forward to pointing my kit at M42. Should be a challenge with no motor drives. Thank goodness for the D3s' high iso magic!
  3. It's a really good piece of kit. Nice wide field of view, good eye relief, although I've found you do need to be quite precise about where you actually put your eye or you'll find the image sort of off to one side (if you know what I mean). That's probably due to the small exit pupil. As for the focal length to choose, the 5mm has a sort of mini 1.8x Barlow as part of the eyepiece (called an erfle, I think), that you can unscrew. It acts as the 1.25" adaptor. So as long as you can use 1.25 and 2" eyepieces, you'll have a 5mm (1.25") and a 9mm (2") in the same eyepiece. It does make it a bit o
  4. Finally got some clear skies this afternoon, so I thought I'd try out my new T-ring. Things i've learned: Getting good focus is nails! (Even with Live View) And the Baader Hyperion needs another adaptor to fit a T-ring to it... Nikon D3s with 2x Barlow 1/125sec at ISO 200
  5. Sorry to resurrect an aging thread, but I just tried to attach my dslr with a T-ring to my Baader Hyperion 5mm and found that the thread on the eyepiece is too big for the T-ring. Then I found the 'associated products' at the bottom of the eyepiece page at FLO... Turns out it's a m43 thread on the eyepiece, which needs an adaptor to bring it down to m42 for the T-ring. Only about £6 though.
  6. Tell me about it! I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago, and have barely been able to get out for a look. Although last night was very productive. Got to see great detail on Jupiter, Orion Nebula, and got a really good look at pleiades. Plus i saw andromeda! Tricky to see cos seemed like everyone in my street felt the need to have their outside lights on.
  7. toss a coin to find out. not because it will help you decide, but because whilst it's in the air you'll find out which one you were hoping for all along. got that from the internets, didn't make it up.
  8. Tidy. At least it's my noobishness letting me down, and not the eyepiece! Me being a plonker I can deal with, but a knackered eyepiece would of upset me.
  9. Possibly focus, as i was pointed at a nearby building at the time. Approx 30-40m away.
  10. Thanks for the concern, and yes, I was using a solar filter that I made with some Baader Solar Film. I reckon I got the darkening due to my pupil being constricted in the day time (even though the views of the Sun were blocked, the thin cloud was brighter than a big bag of bright things)
  11. Hey guys, Just bought a 32mm panaview eyepiece for DSO viewing, and whilst hunting for the sun this afternoon (to no avail, t'was cloudy, funny old thing...) I noticed that I was getting the secondary mirror darkening the centre of the view. Is this because my pupil was not dilated enough, due to the brightness (32mm on f5 gives exit pupil of 6.4mm)? Or would this not be noticeable at night? Thanks Dan
  12. Wow, that's a serious read! And very helpful. Can't believe I didn't find that from searching. Thanks Kev
  13. Hey guys, I have a question about eyepieces. Quite a few actually? What are the ideal specs? (money no object, hypothetically) Is it a wide field of view with a long eye relief? Or does each feature have pros and cons? And what exactly is the 'field of view' and 'eye relief'? ie. for a given focal length, what is the benefit of a wider field of view? And will an object appear smaller with a wider field of view? A lot of questions, I know, and I appreciate any answers i receive. Dan
  14. hi guys, been skulking about this forum for a fair while now, but only just become a member. i'm wondering if the EQ3-2 mount would be able to take the extra weight of the D3s (weighs 1.2kgs), or would i be pushing the limits of the mount? i should probably mention that i am a newbie, and haven't bought the scope yet, although i do have an experienced background in photography, so i've got all that gear already. I'm also wondering whether it's worth spend the extra £100 or so on the 200p on EQ5? bearing in mind the weight of the camera, and that i'd like to futre-proof the kit, to a certa
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