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  1. Multitasking, me!!, I love it, the missus will never believe it. I'll see if there's an optimal pint limit, than cancels out the shimmer of the atmosphere
  2. Hi MorningMajor, you must be quite close to me. Pity about the cloud cover down here, I've actually got a free pass, so I could have gone out for some viewing, ohg well there's the pub I suppose
  3. Apologies all, I have to confess that I haven't even dusted the camera off this week, or even been online. Work, work, work, always gets in the way off things that I want to do. I will be out in the coming nights and trying some observing / photographing. again, thanks for all the replies, I've even found some astronomers in my hometown, thanks to this great site. Also VERY BIG THANKS to NickH for recommending such a brilliant site, if you're on Twitter you must follow NickAstronomer you won't find better live astro info!!! Thanks all Chris
  4. Thank you all so much for the incredibly warm welcome, this forum is an unbeliveable mine of knowledge, I started reseaching various threads and the information was mindblowing. Clear skies forecast next week!! so I will be doing more resarch on previous threads and "trying" to put it into practice. If any pics are worthy of viewing I will post Once again, Sincere and very many thanks all C
  5. Hi All, I was introduced to this site by NickH after finally getting my backside into gear and tried Astrophotography, thanks to BBC Stargazing Live. I've always been intrested in Astronomy, and now finally I am doing something about it. I do have a telescope, but it is a very basic Jessops beginners Reflector, and I have a fairly decent entry level DSLR and tripod. I have taken a few pics, but no idea what I am actually doing, it's more trial and error, so looking forward to getting to grips with stacking images? and getting the settings right on the camera so will be trawling the posts for advice. Feel free to ping me back etc, thanks for reading C
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