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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone - I bought some mirror hanging pads from b&q - seems to have done the job ok, but yet to see them get cold (although they seem better than the ones that came with the bracket). While I was at b&q, I grabbed some pipe lagging and lagged the laser in three sections inside the bracket - the laser always seems to lose power in the cold (i assume it's the batteries). I cut a small hole in the side so I can still press the button.
  2. Hi all, I've been away forever since starting my new job, but at last seem to have a little more time on my hands - and seeing as I've moved to a spot in the middle of nowhere have managed to dust off my 10" dob which has been sulking in a corner since I bought it last year. Anyway, I purchased a laser & bracket back in the mists of time, which fell off the moment it got cold - I'd used the double sided sticky pads that came with it. I want to fix it to the scope again - its a skywatcher with a metal tube. Thing is, I'm too chicken to strip it down, drill holes and reassemble it - I'm a cackhanded git at the best of times, and I can see something bad happening. I was thinking about using some adhesive - araldite or "no more nails". I wondered if anyone else has done similar to fix bits to thier scopes and which would be the best for the job if I went this route?
  3. I've just had a read, and I'm really pleased. Some of the regulations are simply brilliant, my favorite (although off topic) is the regulation concerning advertising to children. It's about time OOFT did this. More on-topic - the traders who trade unfairly are going to either have to shake thier practices up, or pay fines and risk everything, given the time investigations will take. I'd advise anyone buying astro gear to take a look here: http://www.oft.gov.uk/advice_and_resources/small_businesses/competing/protection
  4. Well, here's the results: >> Friday's summary for 22:00 is set for Not Clear. I poked my head out at 22:05, as this doesn't seem miles away from 22:00, for the purposes of the experiment I decided was close enough. Not clear does seem to have born out, as there was a little cloud in the sky. >> -15°C Here things went down hill. It was definately a lot warmer than that. >> Friday's wind direction for 22:00 is Westerly Wind, 7mph Ouch. Although I can't accurately measure wind speed, there's definately a nice light breeze, and although it's moving west, it's definately an Easterly. >> Visibility:Bad It's pretty good. Definately the sort of visibility I get when I've not been drinking. I can see for miles. >> Relative Pressure: 1009mb (Im not sure what the opposite of 1009 millibars should be) >> Humidity: 24% Well there's a definate "mug" to the air. Must be a fair amount of wet in it -- Overall, TJ's weather forecast gets 1 out of 5. The BBC get 4 out of 5. TJ, you're sacked.
  5. Ok, I'll give that a go. Here's what the BBC say Barnstaple should be looking like tonight at 22:00 Hrs ... Friday's summary for 22:00 is set for Clear. 15°C Friday's wind direction for 22:00 is Easterly Wind, 7mph Visibility:Good Relative Pressure: 1009mb Humidity: 76% So I'm expecting... Friday's summary for 22:00 is set for Not Clear. -15°C Friday's wind direction for 22:00 is Westerly Wind, 7mph Visibility:Bad Relative Pressure: 1009mb (Im not sure what the opposite of 1009 millibars should be) Humidity: 24% I'll let you know how it goes
  6. So, TJ, are you going to start giving us a serious forecast? I'd love to know when the seeing will be good. If you can just tell me from now on, I'll make sure my gear is cooled and ready. Thanks
  7. Just to let you all know I have finally received my order. I'll never order from S&S again, and suggest to anyone reading this thread in the future that you look elsewhere to buy gear. They simply don't walk their talk. I'd also suggest to the admins that it might be an idea to consider this thread as a sticky, either here or elsewhere in the forum should a more appropriate spot be created. I think it fair to warn future members that they may well lose out when ordering from pulsar optical, scopes n skies or the "nature centre".
  8. Xunil

    G'day from Australia

    Hey Sab, glad you found us. Have fun and clear skies
  9. I'm not too bothered about waiting - if they'd contacted me from the off and explained an issue then I wouldn't be so miffed. When I rang before I ordered they told me "in stock & usually next day" to summarise (see above). That is very cheeky tho Gaz. Probably used your cash on the holiday
  10. To be honest I'm fed up enough with this to both make a complaint to trading standards and also contact watchdog (a trading standards television program on bbc for those out of the UK). I think that's how I'll spend my next day off.
  11. Well still nothing. I have a dispatch email dated the 14th (arrived after the call already listed) however nothing has turned up yet. Interestingly, I ordered a part for a domestic appliance on the 14th, and that arrived on the 16th using the same postage carrier/method s&s has used. I rang them today and asked what was going on. I got the usual run-around saying they will look into the issue and get back to me. I asked how and they said via email or phone, but there have been no phone calls while I was @ work and there's no email.
  12. Xunil

    new presentation

    Lol. thought I'd take a "quick" look at your site....and an hour later I was still mesmerised. Great site, beautiful images, and a very warm welcome to SGL!
  13. Sorry Xunil, have only just spotted your question :oops: The new Crayford focuser offers a smoother action with finer control and zero backlash. It uses a regular thumb-screw arrangemant, not a compression-ring. HTH No worries Steve I think I'm going to hold out for one of those moonlight's you sell, although for the price I think these are pretty cool.
  14. Xunil


    I was going to find the link on the stellarium wiki about adding images, but it's on the go-slow for me so thought I'd browse for some new packs....and found this: http://archive.eso.org/cms/tools-documentation/visual-archive-browser stellarium plugin....omg! downloading it now... EDIT: Here's the wiki link I was looking for btw: http://www.stellarium.org/wiki/index.php/Nebula_images
  15. It's just dawned on me, this is the same company. SnS answer the phone as the Astronomy & Nature Centre. The websites are identical too - and this may be where the stock issues arise if they both take from the same stock "pool" but run two tallies. Of course, this is pure conjecture, I havn't really a clue what they do (and I'm fairly sure it's the same story when you work there too). Why run two identical companies with identical websites and answer the telephone as a third is beyond me.
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