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  1. last night, I when out into the garden at 19:40 and saw what looked like a star east of ursa major burning very brightly indeed (about the same magnitude as jupiter), It was perfectly still. After about 15 seconds it seemed to burn out and go back to being a dim 'ordinary' star in the sky Did anyone else see this? It was in this area of the sky:
  2. I believe this guy uses a 150p for his images: http://www.12dstring.me.uk/dso.htm Steve
  3. I've had my 130p for 3 years now and never had any complaints, sure I wish it had a better focuser but for the price I have always considered it great value.
  4. Same thing happened to me on Monday, reversed out of my drive and I heard a loud clunk as my front suspension collapsed:( - I feel your pain!
  5. Hi All After weeks of deliberation I have come to a decision on what scopes to stick on the end of my cg5gt. After months of dribbling over the SW 200PDS I have backed out of it (due to concerns about weight when a guidescope is attached) and plonked for the 150PDS with a ST80 as a guidescope. Hopefully it should all arrive by the weekend - of course what this means is that it will now be cloudy forever!! for which I profusely apologise. Steve
  6. Thanks for the replies so far peeps. I believe secondary mirror in the PDS is larger too, 58mm vs the 52mm in the 200p. I just wonder how much difference it makes.
  7. Hi guys I am looking about for a new tube to complement the new mount and like a lot have centered my gaze on the SW 200P / and the PDS As I would like to use it for DSO astrophotography is it worth paying the extra for the PDS or does the 200P do a good job of prime focus anyway(ie. without a barlow). any opinions welcome. Cheers Steve
  8. I have been waiting with bated breath and finally my CG5 GT has arrived!! I have mounted my 130p to it for the mo until I get round to sourcing a new scope. I managed to get a rather rushed session with it on Monday (inbetween cloud banks!) but it was heaven to use compared to my old supatrak(which never really tracked:mad:). Are their any suggestions for a reasonably priced scope for astrophotography??
  9. Hi Jack, Welcome to the forums:)
  10. Hi Alun, from a fellow newbie. Welcome to SGL.
  11. Thanks for the info - looks like a great scope for the price.
  12. Hi Guys and Gals I have just ordered a CG5-GT and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. I hope to start slowly accumulating the bits to complete my 1st autoguiding setup, Can anyone recommend a good scope for guiding to me? Cheers Steve {edited to correct my hideous grammar!}
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