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  1. hi guys..... i want a bit of advice.....at the moment i have the skywatcher 200mm eq5 which is a reflector telescope.....the problem is, because its so big i kind of find it a hassle getting it out and travelling with it......im kind of a busy person so i really should have thought about all this before i bought this sope....... my question- what telescope is out there that is a schmidt-cassegrain that will have the same obeserving abilities and qualities as this one? i still class my self as a true newbie but i do understand that a schmidt-cassegrain is smaller in size therefore more practical for me. please could you guys recommend me a model.......my budget is under £700 and maybe just under £800........ thank you
  2. number 1............. there are different sizes of eye peices..... 1 1/4 inch and 2 inch... thats for when you gt 2 inch eye peices which give you a larger vewing point number 2...... i hoping someone tells me tooo as i got a 200mm skywatcher reflector... number 3........... thast just how reflectors are... once you put lens in... it vanishes.... im a newbie.... and i know someone will explain this alot better lol
  3. i had a celestron upclose which was 10X50. i was told 10X50 was the best ones to acompany any astronomer....now, my brother had these last year and he gave it back because of optics mess up for a reason, they dont stay alligned. i bought it and same thing happened. i returned it and got my full money back (£22). now i once went to an astronmy club and this man had one i looked thru.... i must admit it was blumming amazing and it was a 10X50 too... it was just so much better than mine. i was so amazed by it i kind of forgot to ask him where or what make was it. so please could someone recommend me a very good pair of binoculars that are ideally under £30 or around that price. it will be greatly appreciated. also what are your thoughts about 15x50 binoculars? any good?
  4. yes you can.... you just need to purchase some rings that will mount the tube to an eq5 mount....
  5. i know this may not be intresting to you people when more beatyful things are floating about in the sky but i cant stop thinking how a satelite will look... ive got a 200mm telescope... would i be able to see it? what are the conditions needed for me able to see a satelite? thnks
  6. hey, but would i get a better veiw of orion nebula? plz answer... i want to buy one off ebay
  7. whats the best and cheapest way to get colour of nebuals and planets through a telescope... i heard you can obtain beautyful images with a cheap option which is a web cam... so which webcam should i get? im on a budget of £30. thank you fro your answers and clear skies:icon_salut:
  8. hi, recently i purchased a 200mm skywatcher telescope eq.... my god does the moon look impresive....im kind of a newbie at this whole astronomy thing but even then i decided to buy a big telescope... now, i looked at orion nebula and i seen the clouds.... ill be honest... i was expecting to see more.... like colours and i dont know.... swirls? anyway, ive always said i dont want to get into astro imaging becasue slr cameras cost a mighty ammount of money and ill probily do it when im alot older and have more time..(im 20:evil6:) the thing is ive recently found out that there is a cost effective way of doing it which involves a web cam... please someone explain..... thank you
  9. how mu8ch did those cost you? im a total beginner and that big fat green one made me drool..... jesus christ plz do tell me
  10. ive got a 200mm skywatcher eq5 telescope. as you can imagine...its blumming huge. i was wondering if there is a bag kind og thing i can slide it in so i can carry it round. im a 6 foot 20 yr old (strong) guy but they must make some carrying equipment for these things bearing in mind that alot of older people love astronomy even more than the younger genration even though i like everything.... partying,astronomy, football, wildlife etc....
  11. i had a celestron upclose binoculars which was 10*50 and they kept on getting out of line.... obviously i dont know how to fix it again, so i returned it... but before i returned it i once compared them to another persons binoculars..... they were the same specs...(10x50) but MY GOD THERE WAS A DIFFERENCE.... the other one was much more crip and more closer... i dont know why... it looked black and **** and plain.... but like an idiot i didnt ask him what the name of it was. my budget is £30 to be honest. and i want 10x50 which will play nicely with my 8inch telescope.
  12. i thought my telescope was big........ i wish i was your nabour..... me and you would be best buddies
  13. i just set up my new amazing telescope....... i think my altitude is around 50 - 60... im from leeds... and i want to set it up just right. i have got a eq5 skywatcher 200mm telescope...... i was wondering how do you balance a telescope too..... p.s: my unboxing video of my telescope.... lol, im so excited... cant wait for clouds to go.....P.S (again) ... is there anything like a rucksack kind of thing to carry around scopes? thanks
  14. This is a video of my 8 inch telescope that i just bought from Flo optics..............
  15. so your the man of FLO!! You dont understand how happy you made me feel by responding to my post........ please sort something out...i am literally dieing of excitement..... you made me feel a bit better.... its becasue my friends keep on asking "so wheres this telescope then?" "are you sure they just didnt just rob you" so thats what is added to my worries....... again thanks for your response and i hope to hear from you tomorrow for an update......... One more thing..... WHAT in gods name is wrong with the phone??????. kind regards
  16. hi, last month i bought a telescope. i bought it from Flo optics- which alot of people recomened on this forumn. i was so so happy and excited. it was my second ever telescope and a big one too. from a 144mm to 200mm. ive been so excited. i payed them on the 31st of january. today it is the 21st of febuary. i payed them £375. i still havent got it yet. and these people dont answer the phone. i havent really spent that much money on anything but i felt i had to. but i am heavily dissapointed. should i open a dispute with paypal? what should i do? have i been conned or something? plz help me thank you
  17. i have got a 114mm eq telescope. its a celestron type and its on an equatorial mount. ve had it for a long time now, but ive never actually used it properly. ive been veiwing the stars and the planets by hand. ive been tracking with slow motion cables. i do have a equtorial motor. but dont know how to use it. now, someone was telling me, i need to set the angle to 52 degrees coz i live in england, and i need to point the mount to the north star- now which part to i point exactly................ basically could you tell me how to set up an equatorial telescope the right way. thank you
  18. Today i have just bought a telescope from FLO. i bought this one. Reflectors - Skywatcher Explorer 200P EQ5 im so happy and excited:D:hello2: anyway, i was wondering what else could i buy while i wait for this scope? everyone tells me to buy "Turn left at Orion" but i think i dont need it becasue of all the astronomy apps i bought for my iphone 4. most of them tell me exactly where anything is with go to technology and also have alot of info on them. this is my second ever telescope. i did buy a celestron 114mm telescope 5 years ago but i was 14 years old so didnt know much then. im hoping to expect alot more from this scope, due to the size and knoledge of this forumn and my phone apps. i bought from FLO, spoke to this guy called steve. He sounds fantastic.
  19. i have made up my mind that i am going to buy this Reflectors - Skywatcher Explorer 200P EQ5 i have decided to also buy it from the website recommened from alot of users on this forumn. now, i was wondering if there is a way i can get some discount . like a voucher code or anything? i want to save some money and buy eye peices too. could you also tell me your thoughts about this telescope. i have read on interenet people always say this is a good beginner scope. i may be a beginner, but when i hear the word "beginner" to descripe a certain product i always think its going to be a little bit **** and cery limited. is this true with this scope or am i wrong? thanks for your answers.
  20. lol, forgot the link, here you go sir Reflectors - Skywatcher Explorer 200P EQ5 would i be able to control this with stellarium. thanks
  21. hi, would i be able to control this kind of mount. obviopusly it doesnt come with GOTO system, but i will upgrade later on in life, but would i be able to control it?
  22. i think this is the right place to ask this- if not- im sorry Mr administrator. Anyway, i have got a 114mm celestron eq telescope. i like it- it shown me good stuff over the last 2 weeks. First time in my life seen jupiter and saturn with my eyes, with details, seen moons of jupiter. it was small, but was amazing. Anyway, i want to see the sun:glasses1:, but dont want to go blind. please could you tell me what its called exactly. thank you
  23. i just got paid today:hello2: i really want to buy a telescope- first i wanted to buy a dobsonian type but i just changed my mind because i may feel like taking photos later on in life to show some friends. im thinking of getting this scope Sky-Watcher Explorer-200P 8" Parabolic Newtonian Reflector Telescope My maximimum budget is 500 for now. i think this is the best choice for me becasue its got possibilities of -motor and a go to system. i like to have something and not use it rather than not having it and wanting to use it. what do you people think? i would love to buy a second hand one to save money, but i feel that with the lack of knoledge i have, someone might sell me a blumming lemon and i will take it- so for that reason only im staying away from second hand until i get more knoledge. what do you inteligent people think about this scope?
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