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  1. Hi Stardad I´ve been here for a few weeks, but i can give you a pointer. Practise at home at daytime! I´ve had my scope for around 5 weeks now, and here (Iceland) we have glimpses of clear sky every 4 days or so. For the first 3 time I went out with my scope, hoping I would have first light, i missed the sky, because it took my to long to set my gear up.
  2. Hi all How long exposures can i expect to take with a Eq2 mount with a RA drive, with a nifty fifty canon lens piggybacked ontop? let´s assume I have a ok polar alignment.
  3. Thank you all for the responses. EQ-1M, EQ-2M and EQ-3M Electronic Drives | Orion Telescopes Orion vs Skywatcher ? Is Orion the US brand and Skywathcer the EU brand? It seems i could use the Orion motor since it looks the same.
  4. Thank you Very much. but a EQ2 motor from Celestron would fit my Skywatcher EQ2 mount? No strings attached for taking a guess
  6. Morning all (or evening, wich ever applies) Can i use a Celestron motor on my skywatcher eq2 mount? Celestron Motor Drive for AstroMaster/PowerSeeker EQ Telescopes - Telescope Accessories at Telescopes vs TELESCOPE SUPPLIERS - SKY-WATCHER TELESCOPE Is this the same stuff? Best regards,
  7. Ps. Even though the foreground too the right seems 100 M in height, it´s only about 70-100 cm in height.. some small rock formation
  8. The pictueres i took had mixed focuspoints, foreground Vs sky first i stacked those which had the sky in focus. later I stacked the images with the foreground in focus. then i merged those layers together is photoshop. basicly copy/paste.
  9. My first widefield of Orion Tripod, Canon 450D , Sigma 18-50 @ 18mm F.2,8 10-20 sec frames, 4 i all, foreground painted with a 1€ flashlight. Processed with Photomatix + PS Cs5 Taken at Kleifarvatn Iceland Google Maps
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