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  1. Excellent, that's me feeling a bit silly now I think I've been watching too many spy films!! Thanks for the reply
  2. Hi everyone, This might be a silly question but one I thought I'd better ask before I part with my hard earned cash I was considering purchasing a red dot finder to help me align my scope up better and to save a bit of time but my wife came up with a bit of a puzzler. As we live under the flight path of Northolt Airport would I be able use a red dot finder? As my wife worked for several years over at Heathrow, she seemed to think that shining a laser in to the sky potentially at aircraft was not a good idea and that I could be arrested Can anyone tell me if they have any knowledge or experience of this conundrum, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. On another note finally got some clear sky tonight and had massive enjoyment looking at lots of clusters and the moon
  3. Hi Andrew, Welcome & I've just started out as well and could not have wished for a more friendlier or knowledgeable place to start out from than at SGL
  4. Hi Jimmy, Yep I've been totally blown away by the scope since I got it yesterday, I'm already looking at extra eyepieces but there's sooooooo many to choose from I guess I should just learn to use what I've got first! I'm in a very light polluted town in Middlesex so I can't wait till I go up to the outlaws in Suffolk where they live on a remote farm! Should get some decent dark nights then
  5. Well it finally turned up today, well I say finally, it was supposed to be the end of the week. Not bad service from FLO beating their estimate by 3 days I'm very impressed with the quality of the scope and with the ease of the set up. Anyway after a 20min set up and 2 hours gazing at an almost full moon, Jupiter and its 4 moons I can honestly say I am hooked Can't believe that with all the rain we've had that the sky was clear (albeit light polluted) when my scope turned up .... how lucky was I Can't wait for more clear skies now and losing numerous hours gazing the night sky
  6. Hi all, A huge thanks to everyone again for all your warm welcomes and advice The scope is now on order with FLO, delivery due late next week as unfortunatley the scope was not in stock. They said at FLO that they are still getting over the Brian Cox effect Lets hope the sky is clear that weekend and I can tell you all how I got on, can't come soon enough, I feel like an excited kid all over again!!
  7. Hi all, Thanks for all your warm welcome's and sound advice, it seems that I shall go with the FLO! (excuse the pun) I shall give FLO a call tomorrow and get the scope on order. Can't wait!!
  8. Thanks Nobby, Can't wait to get a scope and more importantly some clear skies!!
  9. You're absolutely right and I've heard good things about FLO. I don't mind too much spending the extra £30 If I know I'm going to get good after sale service. The extra £30 could get me an extra eyepiece though & I would'nt have to tell the missus At the end of the day I will only buy from a reputable source. Thanks
  10. Hi MikeP Yep, its definitely £219, the PL version is advertised at £249. Have you any experience of Kay Optical? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  11. Hi everyone, Just started getting into this astronomy hobby and boy there's a lot to learn I've been reading an awful lot of books, articles and threads from this site (very friendly and knowledgeable) and I think I'm ready to purchase my first telescope I've decided upon a Sky Watcher Explorer 150P EQ3-2 as it seemed to be a pretty good all rounder. I was about to order this for about the £250 mark when I saw that Kay Optical were selling it for £219 with free delivery. Never heard of them before, can anyone recommend them? Anyway I can't wait till the skies clear and I can get out there!!!
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