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  1. I only have the lens that came with my 350d so no worries there. I will portably go with the Pentax and be a rebel on here. I bought my 350d off here and got a great deal on it, what's happened to the sales section? It's disappeared whilst I've been gone.
  2. Cheers for the info guys. I'm still torn as I went and had a look at the Pentax today and really liked it. I'm just a bit worried about using the canon outside for long periods as it's not weatherproof. I have a old canon 350d so I may remove the filter on it and try using that for astro. I know it has no live view but I will use some of the software mentioned by you guys and see how I get on. Thanks for the help.
  3. So I'm back after nearly 9 months off due to our new family edition. Just after some advice about a DSLR. I have narrowed it down to a Pentax k-5 or a canon 650d. I like the weather proofing of the Pentax but everyone on here seems to have a canon of some kind. I would mainly be using it in the day but also want to connect it to my scope for some imaging. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Thats great John. Ill keep saving then.
  5. Hi Just purchased a Skywatcher ED80 and noticed a special offer on the skywatcher eyepiece set. Its half price at £79.99 as shown in this link. http://www.opticalvision.co.uk/special_offers now i know its not worth £160 but is it worth £80? or shall i save my money for a baader zoom? Thanks
  6. Im interested in one of these with the Reducer. How would it compare to a SW ED80? Also what would i need to mount it on my EQ6 Pro Mount with my Canon 350? Thanks
  7. Hi I have been saving some money to buy a Skywatcher ED80 pro but when i visited FLO's page today i see that they no longer sell just the scope but only a package. However this little number caught my eye.... First Light Optics - William Optics Zenithstar ZS70 2012 and you can also purchase it with the reducer. Does anybody know if this will be any good with my EQ6 Pro and my Canon 350d? or shall i wait for a second hand ED80 to come along? Anyways how come the ED80 OTA is not available anymore, i thought they where the most popular beginners Astrophotography scope. Thanks Matt
  8. ok thanks i will try that later. (if its clear!).
  9. Hi I finally managed to have a good go at polar aligning my EQ6 synscan at the weekend. I followed the astroshed YouTube video and found it quite easy. I then tried a 2 star align and it kept failing. My question is: After polar aligning do I have to put my mount into the Home Position and then do the star alignment using the handset? Thanks
  10. Thanks for all the tips guys I'll give them a go.
  11. Hi all I purchased a collimator from the buy and sell section a bit ago and last night I got it out for the first time and dropped it on the floor! The dial has broken out of the housing. I have attached a picture and wondered if it is a case of just glueing it back in or does it need to be done by the manufacturers? Thanks Butterfingers!
  12. sherr03

    Astro Newbie

    I must be doing something right as he seems hooked after I showed him Jupiter the other week. Hopefully he will enjoy the clear nights as much as me.
  13. ive still got a week to think about it. The buy and try scheme sounds good.
  14. How does a set of BST's sound at £233? ,thats all six of them.
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