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  1. I am looking to purchase a pair of binoculars. The 2 pair i can not decide between are both available at Rother Valley Optics. In the blue corner Celestron 15 x 70 Skymaster £64. In the red corner Revelation 15 x 70 £55. Any help or advise welcome...cheers..
  2. Had new 250 px a few days and have just had my 1st viewing of saturn. Fantastic. If only i had a barlow as well. At least i know what to buy next... :hello2:
  3. Looking for a collimator for my new scope (SW 250-PX) but can not decide between Cheshire Collimator Collimation - Cheshire Collimating Eyepiece or Laser Collimator Collimation - Baader Laser Collimator Any advice would be great. Thanks...
  4. My Skywatcher 250 px has turned up and it's a beut. Although i am £403 lighter i think i have found a cure for my aperture fever. However this scope does not come with a Barlow Lens so can anyone out there recomend a decent one. Also is it worth going for a x3 or stick to the x2. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for saving my cash. I will look at those other options..
  6. Cheers for that. Might look into that in the future. Start saving again...
  7. I have recently sold my Skywatcher Explorer 130 P and have ordered a Skywatcher 250 PX Dob from Rother Valley Optics. (Typical. No scope and the sky is as clear as a bell). I was looking at lenses on their site and came across this link *Special Offer* Complete set of Skywatcher Plossls | Telescope Accessories | Rother Valley Optics Can anyone tell me if this is a good buy or not. I look forward to reading your words of wisdom...
  8. After weeks of reading up , looking at reviews and asking questions on SGL i have finally ordered a Skywatcher Skyliner 250 PX DOB. Have i made a wise choice ?... £403 from Rother Valley Optics
  9. Just got back from a week in the Dominican Republic and had 7 clear very warm nights in a row. Very little lighting making for very dark skies. Took my bino's and had great views of Orion Nebula and the Beehive Cluster...
  10. I recently asked which 10" skywatcher Dob to go for. 250px,flex or auto. I think i have decided to go for the px at £395 and use the extra cash for better quality eyepieces and a laser collimator. Your views and opinions very welcome...
  11. Looks like the Auto wins. Thanks for your help...
  12. I have decided to cure my aperture fever and upgrade my scope. I was originally looking at the Skywatcher Skyliner 10" 250px Dob for £395. Then i saw the 250px Flex Tube for an extra £100 at £499. Decisions decisions. Have also been looking at 250px Flex Tube Auto £659 (top end of budget). Is it worth saying sod it and going for the Auto so as not to have any costly regrets. The one decision i have made is that i would like a Dob. Any help and advice on me spending my cash would be greatly welcome...
  13. Now then. I think you are at the right place...It has helped me out big style...
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