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  1. Aw great work, welcome to the binocular viewer club! You'll never look back... It's the start of something big :-)
  2. Both of those would be on my wall somewhere if I had produced them! wonderful!
  3. Ha ha my work here is done... :-) That's a great scope, Congratulations
  4. Thanks for the offer, I'll pass for now... I'm binocular viewing lately, love my Apollos so no investment on scopes or accessories for now :-)
  5. I bought one of these beauties when I retired a couple of years ago... It's my weapon of choice every time I get the AVX out! I've owned (and sold) reflectors, Cassegrains and large fracs.... My 102 beauty gives sharp colourful views and no matter how much you offered me I wouldn't part with it. Looks like someone might just bag a bargain... Mmmmm I don't have one of those handles though :-)
  6. Never mind the sun, I could look at that set up all day :-) Nice work
  7. Great to see two members borrowing from libraries.... I checked with my girlfriend who is library manager for 3 Worcestershire libraries and the book is available for loan in 8 libraries... You can reserve the book online if you are a member of Worcestershire libraries... If you are not a member - Why Not??? Use them or lose them :-)
  8. Good to see you are still havent forgotten to view at night... you Solar warrior!! Great drawings as always bloke
  9. I love my 32mm it was the first decent EP I purchased and use it often for a lovely FOV... Buy Buy Buy...
  10. Good to see those 'Excellent' black circles again with splatters of white Nicko... The 'Lord of the night' is back on the bike! all that sun lounging will make ya mad...
  11. Nice set up ready to roll... Enjoy! I'm just procrastinating as to whether or not to visit my girlfriend and set up in her garden for later... maybe look for some colourful doubles or triples up there in my 102 :-0
  12. Wow, great work... I own a hardly used OpticStar 80 f5 Gold with dual focuser I might just stick the Canon Rebel DSLR on it to get some use out of it (One day :-\))
  13. Looking forward to your next report... Do you do Solar?
  14. Jeepers!! Have you seen the price of these things lately? I should have bought a box full when I was researching them to buy ages ago! better investment than property me thinks!! ha ha 'Quark Quark' looks like a Quark, sounds like a Quark.... must be a Duck??
  15. It's time I thinned out my collection and as such are prepared to let my beautiful refurbed 150 F/8 Frac... 'The Big White One' This beauty is fitted with a dual focuser and has been a wonderful ornament in my gym since I obtained her so is desperate for an airing... It's collection only from South Birmingham I'm afraid because I don't trust the post to care for her like I have... I'm going to let her go for £250 no offers I'm afraid as these beauties don't come up for sale very often! and it really is a lovely instrument! It doesn't come with a finder scope (or the AVX m
  16. Hi Folks, I have a full set of Baader Hyperion EP's in black (purpose made) hard case For Sale Also included in the bundle are the two extensions rings 28mm & 14mm - Just research online what this complete set will give you in terms of power and eye relief. EP's are a great condition and I also have individual boxes if for some reason you want to box individually. So that's 7 EP,s Two extension rings and the Baader Hyperion Carry Case.... 24mm 21mm 17mm 13mm 10mm 8mm 5 mm £350 Collection from Birmingham preferred...
  17. There are houses on the opposite side of the road to these flats... They must have had to brick up their windows to get the bedrooms to be dark enough to sleep. The stupid thing is that it's an obvious case of someone miscalculating the amount of light required on walkways! Some nugget in a department somewhere who will carry on working regardless of the damage this causes to everyone in that area... Shocking
  18. Oops, bit behind with my admin... Heres the pic of the super illuminated flats in South Birmingham... Glad I don't live opposite them, it's like 24 hour daylight!!! So shall I start a new thread with it - titled light pollution award of the year?
  19. I may be wrong but I'm guessing the advertising is to keep the cost down? Yes lots of leaflets but like Nick they just go straight into the recycling :-) I still like the magazine as there's the occasional good article or letter (Nick) I tend to browse over the photo section as like Reddoss states most of them are from all over the world with clear skies and whilst I appreciate the creativity I am more an observer/ equipment collector ( or thats how it seems right now ) Having said that I look at the piles of copies from previous years sat on a coffee table in my flat and wonder of I wil
  20. Nice scope the Starwave, crisp clear colourful views.... It's my weapon of choice everytime, good luck with the sale :-)
  21. The 200 Dob is a great scope for browsing the skys... simple to set up and use, and gives great views when nicely collimated (which is fairly easy if you have a collimation tool). These scopes come up for sale quite often and good gear (as Jim the slim states) holds it's value. I would be wary of a knocked eye piece holder, could mean a new focuser which can be anywhere from £75 upwards I reckon. Anything around £200 for a very good condition or less is worth consideration. I think back to my first scope which was a skywatcher 114p I cut my teeth on that one learning the basics and getting ver
  22. That's a huge bottle of Bud there bloke!!
  23. Superb image! makes me want to get out and do some lunar observing... inspirational, and great theory
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