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  1. Nice work Nick!! those sketches are amazing as always, All your targets listed are for my session tonight! (might have trouble with the southern views though as the garage wall will be in the way low down...) Anyway, I'm setting up in Oxfordshire tonight (Cat sitting again) I've got my new Moon Atlas ready for some early evening daylight grabs continuing the Lunar 100 which I only started last night... Talking of which - Last night was amazing couldn't stop staring at the targets - The Straight Wall, Thebit, Alphonsus and those Apennine mountains (breathtaking) I also got the Apollo
  2. Great pics as usual Nick... I'm watching on Slooh using the Canary 5 telescope... Living in a first floor flat and not having either a garden or solar scope - Slooh is brilliant for me! I can watch in stunning detail and the focus drifts in and out. There is an article in this months Astronomy Now about imaging using the scopes by Nik Szymanek (He knows a bit about imaging ?) The good thing about Canary 5 is that it's rarely offline with bad weather, one thing is I can't see any proms... But it's a great conversation piece when guests arrive... plus it's always red hot in my fl
  3. As always amazing pictures Don, I get my daily USGS YouTube updates... It's incredible the activity of Fissure 8 and how it's changing the south east of the island. Nature is so powerful! We were blessed to see the park last August before this activity. As always our thoughts are with those who have lost their homes and been disrupted anyhow. Gotta say though Don you have to admire you guys out there and the way you seem to be dealing with it all. The one quote from a local man on TV summed it up for me when he said with a smile 'We live on a volcano what can you expect' he may have
  4. Thanks Wookie, I would have usually written something up adding the the poetry and feeling, a bit busy at the mo though... It's great to get out there again. It's great when you have a good night!
  5. EAA... I'd never heard of that but a quick google and Boom!!! I've just read a great Q&A article featuring Jim Thompson from Ottawa Canada... https://astronomyconnect.com/forums/articles/an-introduction-to-electronically-assisted-astronomy-eaa.77/ I'm not the sharpest tool in box re: this stuff but I have actually been witnessing some folk - including #Hilodon on the Night Skies Network actually doing this EAA magic... I'm going to give it a go I reckon. I'll probably order the ZWO ASI120MC S and by chance my superb 'Drone business' laptop has many USB 3 ports.... Now the o
  6. On the fly stacking? so basically locate an object start the process of taking images and 'stacking' and the object builds and becomes clearer..? Will it look clear to start with when you find the object? for instance a nice colourful double star or a bit of lunar?
  7. Ok not sure it's in the right forum but I've recently refurbished the brick built outbuilding at my partners house. New racking/shelving, new floor, repainted internally and pretty much new for old fittings. Can you see what I've done here? - in that I suddenly have a dry clean new store for my Astro equipment ? (also making her happy at the same time thinking I'm a hero for helping out and making a difference!) Now a very well known and loved participant on this forum keeps giving me ideas for new purchases and his latest offer/idea was a Celestron SkyPortal WiFi link for my AVX M
  8. Looking forward to following this thread... I researched Quark ages ago (when they were considerably cheaper) I didn't buy one to my regret, I should have bought 10... Once again I'm doing the research - Quark, Lunt, Wedge, Coronado or just use the Slooh online telescope (which is offline quite a bit ? ) I think from what I remember Daystar actually recommended the Chromosphere model if you want to do both surface and prominence.
  9. This is last nights observing as I wrote my notes on my phone notes page... No poetry I'm afraid just thought I would take the risk and post it (I did however remove one expletive) I may have got confused with some of my double descriptions so go easy on me... Xi Bo - hot hot Rasalgethi - firey double Jupiter - spent ages with a lot of EPs Kappa Bo - beautiful Graffias – Conifer tree Epsilon Bo - tight 1 huge 1 small orange yellow Alberio - as always ace 95 Her - mini headlights 61 Cygnus - Cortina headlights M10 - ok M12 - subtle M14
  10. I'm in Nicko... Where's James nowadays who put the originals together. That was my first ever star party and remember pulling up next to your tent... before I had got out of the car was invited to look through another neighbours solar scope! awesome event and although I was very proud of my new gifted the Skywatcher 114p I was slightly humbled when I set it up amongst the vast array of weapons grade scopes around the park! Needless to say I spent most of the time looking through your giant drainpipe on a mount! It was absolutely freezing though... Great fun, lets get it back on
  11. Ok Charl I'll continue the research... Thanks for the info and once again great pics well done! Pat
  12. Wow 5 years is pretty good... do they take half an hour to warm up? you have to have power to them right?
  13. Mmmm Trade War! That's a good point. I think another reason I was hesitant at the time is that I was reading on a forum about someone having problems with one or two. We'll see, I'll no doubt keep searching and researching as you do ? Might treat myself to a ZWO though as I think that would be fun to learn to image a bit (skies permitting of course) Oh by the way I have only heard good things lately about Quarks
  14. Wow, just had a look at your Flickr page... Some really great pics there... Great work I looked at the Quarks a few years ago, even went to London hoping the guy at the widesceen shop would demo one, but he didn't have one in, and needless to say it was rubbish weather anyway! The Quarks were a lot cheaper then, I should have invested in a few for resale now ? I'm sure when I eventually get to observe through one I'll invest... Are most (if not all your Astro/Solar Flickr pics)taken using the ZWO?
  15. Those are great pics... You show it's a 102 Altair Starwave, and the ASI 120MC.... Which version of the Quark are you using? I'm doing some solar 'gear research' again at the mo... I have the Starwave, been looking online at Coronado PST's and Wedges... Not sure what to go for now, or whether to do it at this time as the Sun is getting quieter (Solar min and all that) Last night I had made my decision to wait until a couple of years! However, seeing your pictures has prompted me to start again this morning the endless surfin for images, YouTubes and bargains... See what you've done
  16. I'm saving it up for tonight Nick ? too much wine with dinner last night... I would have seen two Jupiters! Great observing notes though... I've still not worked through your last effort
  17. Wow thats a nice mount Don... and a long trip up to come down empty handed ? I've put it in the diary! Keep Safe
  18. Ooo it's at a nice time and the weather report for Kidderminster is cloud and clear... let's hope it's the latter! Thanks for the heads up!!
  19. Arghhh Missed that message and therefore missed you guys...
  20. Loved that report... I could taste the excitement ? I was so pumped when I saw the transit of Ganymede a while ago I had a small plaque made up for my EP Box... At first like you I wasn't sure, but after a while I could see the definite shadow. I later confirmed it on the moons of jupiter app... Well done getting that hit and congratulations on having a great session.
  21. Thanks for the update Don and glad you and yours are all ok. Thoughts go to everyone affected especially those losing their homes. My girlfriend and I follow the USGS YouTube updates daily (I look probably a lot more than that) we still can't believe that only last August we spent the day walking around Volcano Park and lunching in the Volcano house restaurant. Big Island people are amazing hosts, let's hope it all calms down as quickly as it came for them. Keep the Faith Don and get back up the VIS if you can fella!!
  22. You have to remember that Australia is pretty huge and Cairns is only 16 degrees below the equator so the sun pretty much appears to travel straight over the top of you from horizon to horizon... I expect thats why Orion isn't upside down in Cairns but is from Melbourne. Of course in reality they are in the same place, we are just standing on our ball looking from different angles... Do the apple thing ?
  23. Brilliant stuff... (and No Nick the pic in Cairns was taken from Clifton Beach looking out over the Coral Sea) a beautiful location... As I said it's so weird watching the route of the planets and to see Orion looking like the bow tie... I am extremely lucky to have witnessed both. But I really did have to get couple of apples to understand the view. I'm chuffed you've looked at this in detail, some great minds on this forum...
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