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  1. My monopod and grip were a lot less than £125... Looks the same pistol grip attachment though... When I get back home I'll send you the details. I have not the three little legs on the foot of it though... I thought the idea was to stand holding it, the monopod just takes the weight and keeps it stable. Mine is also a long one as I am 6ft 2" (1.85 in new money) so I didn't want to be cracking my neck when standing up. I have used mine sat on a balcony leaning back in a chair with one leg supporting the monopod... it's as steady as a steady thing ?
  2. I have some Helios Apollos 15x70 up there with my best astronomy buys for sure... Beautifully sharpe and colourful images! More mag or more aperture? Depends what you are looking for... I absolutely love the wide field of views my Apollos give 4° and they are heavy beasts and cope well on the monopod...
  3. Ok that's good advice and encouraging... Can you believe I recently sold a Canon 450D thinking that I was moving toward CMOS video capture with that ZWO ? I do also own a little Opticstar 80mm AR Gold which has a buttery smooth dual focuser probably been used twice for observing... I spent half an hour the other night trying to find and focus on Saturn without success before it disappeared behind a tree. Oh my life you must despair when reading this stuff....
  4. Yes, I've got the lead and guide port... interesting!
  5. Not really... My initial interest was to do some EAA Electronically assisted astronomy from the outbuilding... The ZWO has been pretty good on the moon and worked well with a few stacked images of Jupiter. I'm now researching and exploring opportunities really... Not understanding pretty much anything about imagery is my starting point. From what I read online and on the forums I should be able to make some images in time... I just want to head off in the right direction... I don't want to throw a huge amount of funding at it just incase it becomes a frustration. I do take your points on boar
  6. Dave I've got a ZWO ASi120MC-S colour USB 3.... I've only tried it out three or four times so far ?
  7. Sorry Dave, I have found a used 150p without dual focuser which is the price of an average EP so could take that punt and see how the 150 does with the ZWO. I do take your point about the extra budgeting as well which could lead me down the 130 route... I like the comments about the 130 being a neat tidy manageable scope (which does have a dual focuser of course) a kind of dedicated imagers tool for me. And I love the 200 as well for plain simple observing... ? This is why I'm taking an age to press the buy button ha ha... Some of my mates say I have too much time on my hands... My Girl
  8. Great comments so far... I'm very grateful for the responses! I have a Starwave refractor f/11 which to my surprise was quite easy at busting Jupiter on my first couple of goes out. Yeah I have loads still to learn about flats, darks, stacking etc to make a great image but a few comments on this forum have told me that my f/11 is a good planetary imaging option (despite the fact it's also wonderful OTA for double stars and gives great colour) I do remember looking at Jupiter through the 200 at the SGL star party years ago when I was starting up and thinking Wow! very exciting...
  9. Can't make my mind up on whether or not to buy a newt for ZWO imaging. The Skywatcher pds range seem to be modified slightly for prime focus imaging (is this just a DSLR photography thing?) Every imager I have ever met seems to use the smaller newts like the 130 or 150 pds... Someone said that there's less possibility of the tube being bothered by the wind for one reason? I realise that aperture is king when visual observing (yes I also realise that quality is as important) not so sure on imaging? I found a reasonably priced used 130p but doesn't have dual focuser which I am us
  10. I wouldn't care if it was tattooed Red ? - They are lovely looking instruments though! I've just been looking at the Starwave 152 V3 Red tube.... Cor!! I'm lucky enough to have a 102 Starwave in white, and it's look pearlescant up close... Love it
  11. Nice detail... So does that mean I don't need to put the 1.25" diagonal in, I could go straight into the focuser with a 2" barlow and a 1.25" adaptor for the ZWO? Suppose the only thing to be wary of if that's the case, is that the camera is secured tightly otherwise gravity could take its toll... ?
  12. Thanks Charl, means a lot... It's mind blowing what some people achieve though with their gear. When I saw Benklerks pic of Jupiter earlier I thought Wow! how does he do that... As Del says though - "This time next year Rodney" ?
  13. Really enjoyed my 3rd/4th time out with the ZWO... Can't believe when I look onto the lawn at my set up (so lucky) I remember starting out a few years ago with a gift which was the Skywatcher 114p and some Celestron Plossls I have carefully researched that were in my limited budget at the time... anyhow, Not so sure I'm making progress as I am finding this imaging lark very complicated. I have taken advice from some helpful forum members and downloaded some different stacking, capture and editing programs. but I am feeling I still have a long journey ahead until I can create something as good
  14. I'm going to capture some more video to work on tonight (hopefully?) I also have a tiny list of doubles and a triple to find... Question - So I get two options with the capture software (whichever one I use)... Still frames or Video? Why take stills? Is there any particular advantage to doing so? They are stacked both the same yeah so I will get more frames in video? Only thing I can think is you can adjust the length of exposure with stills?
  15. Thanks for the jpg tip ? and of course the imagery advice...
  16. Thanks for the previous advice folks... So moving on from my first two outings with the ZWO i decided to have a go at Jupiter (see attached) Now before you comment I realise that this is a pretty poor image in lots of ways, however, the purpose of showing it, is that hopefully I'll be able to put another side by side in a fews years showing some progress and understanding regarding imaging? I downloaded several imaging programs yesterday following advice for which I'm grateful. Now some programs look a lot more complicated than others so I ended up using Sharpcam and Registrax3 for m
  17. Oh Flip, thanks I've downloaded PIPP and Autostakkert3 wish me luck that's more software to keep me occupied... ?
  18. Great shot... I have just got a ZWO ASi120MC-S camera and took loads of frames and video captures last night whilst watching the io transit live. I've tried to upload them into Deepskystacker today with zero luck. I've done some research and I will try the crop technique tonight and use Sharpcam as my method of capture... Have you any advice? I might struggle as I'm using a 102 f/11 Starwave and I'm getting the impression I may need a bigger but shorter boat ? The transit was amazing and I was successful in watching live which was why I bought the ZWO in the first place... It's jus
  19. Oh Wow... Brilliant pic! Flip,I've got a bit to learn........
  20. So here's a thing - it seems to me that astronomy is one of those not very straight forward hobbies. Last night I though it would just be the same as Friday night - set up, look at the moon take some pictures! Simples... Aw but not to be!! I'm good at setting up in the daylight, get my mount bang level (checked with electronic level app on phone...) Get it facing north with my beautiful brass compass and enter coordinates back to Kidderminster from Thame, then you would think just observe... Nah! Moon very wobbly with tinges of green on the edges... Barlowed it a
  21. Great report Wookie... Congrats looked a great nights work!
  22. Nice thread... I'm enjoying my new Lunar observing sessions. It means I can started before it gets dark so maximises my observing hours! I have to say that the new fascination is partly down to obtaining a copy of the 21st Century Moon Atlas (Wood and Collins) mentioned earlier in the thread, and highly recommended! Last night I tested out my new ZWO camera for some live viewing... I also took quite a few videos and single frame shots... I really enjoyed the experience. I was thinking of putting an example of the first images on here, but when I opened the thread I saw those amazing
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