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  1. Eps? Brilliant... I have spent ages looking into eps (get it?) What I mean is - I have spent ages researching! I also have the Skywatcher 10mm & 25mm I also got a 2x Barlow with my scope. However, I noticed the other night whilst looking at the moon that the view seems to be much clearer without the using barlow! There was a great thread from Warthog on this forum explaining all things eps which leads me to believe I should have an 8mm 18mm and 25mm... I have looked at plossls and I think I will be investing in some of them soon... Televue seem to get good feedback but it does seem most pe
  2. Thanks for the advice on eps... It does seem that you all have your favs. I am bargain hunting and I will be buying some shortly. I was viewing the moon the other night and decided that even with my two (scope provided) eps 10mm and 25mm the views were clearer without using the 2x Barlow (also supplied)... I am soooo looking forward to taking the plunge and getting new eps and then I shall be researching filters!
  3. Welcome from me also... New to it all myself, this site is superb - lots of great articles/threads... I had questions on eps, scope balancing, RA & DEC stuff... I have had answers and been directed to threads on all these topics and more! Enjoy
  4. That to me is the great thing about this hobby (a new one for me) there is so much to see, so much to learn and so much fun to be had... I'm gonna book a campsite for a couple of nights deep in the countryside, and take the scope, the tent and the girlfriend (in that order) for my very own star party... Saturn is one of those delights I am soooooooooo looking forward to seeing!
  5. Patbloke

    Great moment

    Hi Paul, I'm new to astronomy also and was given a Skywatcher Skyhawk 1145p as a Christmas present (love it) I also saw Jupiter a couple of weeks ago and nearly fell over when I realised I could see the Gallilean moons! I saw three first, however when I looked twenty mins later there were four... Of course I realise now that they orbit Jupiter fairly quickly (comparitively) so will be in different positions when you look... enjoy the forum...
  6. Hi Kev, My new baby is mentioned on my sig... I'm well new to this stuff but loving it, there is so much to learn (and see) enjoy!
  7. Thanks I shall start the hunting this very night...
  8. Umadog! Now that's a genius post... Thank you
  9. That might just be what I'm looking for... Warthog wrote a piece on eps and recommended an 8, 18 and 25mm for an f5 scope... I havn't got a clue but I'm learning fast... what sort of budget are we talking for one of those?
  10. Hey Ronseal, I'm on the look out for one myself... looking forward to reading your review! However, can't promise I will wait for it before I get one myself ha...
  11. Well, £30, £40 each or is it worth saving or investing in something more expensive?
  12. Thanks, The view of Jupiter was not as clear as it has been before tonight, the image was a little blurred.. I started to panic thinking that my mirror had been contaminated when I bought my scope in from the cold the other night and I got some condensation on the outside of the tube... So much to learn it's a shame I have to work coz I'm lovin it
  13. Hi Team, Ok, so many threads start with 'this might seem a daft question but'? I think this really might seem a daft one (two actually) - What happens if you don't cool down your scope for 30 mins (especially on a cold night like tonight)... and can you ever really expect to get any good views from inside your house looking out through an open window?
  14. That's a quality report! Very interesting, I think I need to start noting like that... nice one.
  15. Hi Rob, I'm a newbie also... this is s great site for info... however, I'm largely still confused by it all. Welcome to the site enjoy, chat soon
  16. Welcome from a fellow Midlands newbie.... loving my new hobby!
  17. Oops me also... Great site this! I shall remember that next time which will be as soon as these skies clear... However, it's not looking good for tonight me thinks
  18. Hi Steve, Newbie here who also has a skyhawk 1145p... Were you using the 25mm lens provided with the scope? I got a 25mm a 10mm and a 2x Barlow with mine when bought... I read an article on here saying for my scope I should have an 8mm, 18, and 25mm now I'm not sure whether they should be plossls or other types? just want the best possible within my budget...
  19. Hi there, another Rubery resident here, and brand spanking new to the lounge and astronomy! My girlfriend bought me a scope for Christmas and I'm learning the skies... great new hobby, good luck with yours. Patbloke
  20. Wow, thanks for the welcome messages everyone ... As I said I rarely use forums but that welcome will certainly encourage me to post away! JBM1165 I have downloaded 'Stellarium' and have been navigating my way around the skies... it's amazing! Love it when you zoom in on what you find, it's superb. Brantuk Thanks - watch my sig develope over the weekend! Gottzi snap! have you looked into getting some new lenses or these filter things yet? I have not visited and 'nebulas' yet and wonder if you actually get to see the colours... or is my scope not powerful enough? Chat soon, keep me posted on y
  21. Hi there everyone, Can't wait to get to grips with this forum.. I'm almost as new to forums as I am to my new Christmas present! A Skywatcher 1145p... Don't worry my scope is not just for Christmas! I have been meaning to buy a scope for years and years and I was sooooo chuffed to get the gift from my girlfriend recently. It looks like she has done some good research as the reviews for my scope seem to be pretty good. Gotta say though it's been a real challenge to even start to understand how the scope and the EQ1 mount and settings work... and that's just the equipment - what about the stars
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