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  1. Super set of images Frank. I enjoyed them all but especially Clavius one of my favourite craters.
  2. Trust you ladies to think of diamonds ?
  3. According to Virtual Moon Atlas it's 61 miles.
  4. You've produced a couple of nice records of your observations, I particularly like Gassendi. Whenever I see some of the excellent art work produced my members I just wish I had the talent to put something on paper.
  5. It had been cloudy all day until late afternoon when I had a nearly cloud free sky. While my meal was cooking I set the scope ready for a an evening of lunar observing. By the time I'd eaten the moon was playing hide and seek with the clouds but it wasn't too bad. Started with old favourites Aristarchus/Herodotus and Schroter's Valley. I never tire of this fantastic area. Spent a long time tracing the valley as it meandered north and west starting just north of Herodotus. Next on the list was a move south to Marius and count the domes, to the north west. By this time the clouds were starting to win so had a break and made a cup of tea hoping the sky would clear. Unfortunately it is now 100% cloud. So frustrating, you get teased into thinking you will have a pleasurable evening, not too cold either, but the weather gods can't resist in getting their way.
  6. It always accompanies me when lunar observing. I find it adds so much to the enjoyment knowing what you're looking at. Also it has been a huge help in pursuit of the Lunar 100. Good luck.
  7. Have been using this for some time. brilliant program and it's free.
  8. Yes Peter much less haze tonight, as you say Copernicus is stunning tonight.
  9. Good to read you've been out enjoying our neighbour. Have just come in from a few hours, didn't really do what I would call serious observing as I was introducing a friend to the joys of observing. He has a small cheapo frac on a wobbly tripod which I helped him set up a couple of weeks ago and wanted to observe with me. I really enjoyed the evening but he is now blaming me because he's getting hooked and wants some better kit. We looked at the targets you mention together with Clavius which I always observe when it's on view. Makes a change to have a bit of a run of clear nights.
  10. Welcome to SGL my friend. You have made a great start to your sketching career, well done. Good luck.
  11. Great image Steve, It's always interesting to see images taken after I have been observing, although in this instance your image was taken earlier than my observation, 9-11pm.
  12. Nice work Stu. Interesting looking at Clavius you confirm what I thought I saw last night. I was confused by the chain of craters running south-west on the floor, when I was observing I couldn't decide whether they were craters or a chain of mountains, there was so much high cloud I wasn't able to push the mag. beyond 100x. Thanks for the image.
  13. Sad to read of the end of a great mission.
  14. Welcome to the forum. I can't help but have a look here:- http://binocularsky.com/ a great resource for binocular users. Good luck and enjoy.
  15. Just come in from a couple of hours viewing our neighbour. Conditions weren't the best, a lot of high thin cloud, hardly any stars visible but we have to make the best of what we have. Viewed mostly x100 as the conditions didn't support any higher. Clavius (one of the great craters IMO) was looking splendid, by the time I got out, just before 9pm it was almost fully illuminated with a small shadow of the eastern wall on the floor. The western wall was very obviously terraced and the craters in the floor were well defined together with what looked to me were a chain of peaks towards the north west almost to the wall. I'm not sure what I was seeing here as the conditions didn't allow high mag., it may well have been small craters, I'll go back when conditions are better. Moved slowly north taking in the straight wall with Birt/Birt A to it's west. Looking at the wall it often reminds me of a sword with the handle at the southern end. Eratosthenes was a fine sight with it's central peak well defined. To the south of Eratosthenes is Timocharis, I had never really looked at this before but was surprised to see how steep the walls were. Continuing south I passed Archimedes with it's large flat floor on the way to the Alpine valley and continued on to Plato. As Plato was so well placed I was hoping for a chance to observe some of the craterlets on the floor but obviously with tonight's conditions this wasn't possible. An altogether enjoyable couple of hours and not too cold either.
  16. Well done Geoff. It's a great sense of satisfaction and achievement when all the effort to tease out detail finally pays off.
  17. Good luck David, hope we all get a nice clear night. I look forward to reading all about your evening later.
  18. I enjoyed this, you've caught some great detail, well done.
  19. Good luck with this elusive feature. I hope you persistence is rewarded.
  20. Wonderful Achim. I've not long come from observing the moon and spent a long time on this pair, you have produced an excellent representation of what I saw.
  21. Nice one Doug. Had a quick session of lunar trying the new Esprit, very enjoyable but couldn't really put it through it's paces as I was hindered by high loud.
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