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  1. Without knowing this particular mount what you are experiencing appears to be caused by either inputting wrong data to start or power supply problems. Double check all your input and ensure your power supply is plugged in firmly. Good luck.
  2. @cletrac1922 Thanks for the taking the trouble. As to your question I'm not sure there is any difference in the views from each hemisphere except you see everything up-side-down?
  3. Good luck. BTW my original post was in no way intended as criticism.
  4. @Anthonyexmouth I don't image, purely visual but am always amazed when I see pictures of imaging rigs by the tangles of cables. How do you ever sort out any problems?
  5. @John It was a real pity the wind curtailed our observing tonight, as you say the terminator looked lovely. I would dearly have liked to have spent more time exploring our neighbour but as I said in my OP I'm afraid I wimped out.
  6. @domstar hope you get some eyepiece time, good luck.
  7. Thanks Mike, we have to take the opportunity that present themselves at the moment. A brief session is better than nothing. I also had enjoyable day at Kettering but kept my credit card firmly under control, there was certainly some mouthwatering kit on display.
  8. Having been unable to observe for some while due to cloud/rain I was pleased to see the torrential rain of earlier in the day abate and present a near cloudless sky. The moon was an obvious target as I was restricted in my viewing position because of the standing water, so I set up in the door way in my garage hoping this would give some shelter from the wind. I started in the southern highlands intending to work my way down (I was using a Newtonian so down is north) the terminator. The first target was Maurolycus, the sun was just rising here and starting to illuminate the western wall and just a tiny pinprick of light catching one of the central mountains. Looking east Janssen was now fully illuminated with just a slight shadow showing on the eastern wall of Jannssen B and the craters further west. All my viewing was at x100 as the view was very jittery because of the wind. I started the evening with high hopes of enjoying a good session of lunar observing but found the wind just too much so wimped out. Hope some of you did better the I.
  9. Any star you see through amateur telescopes will only ever look like a point of light as they are so far away. The planets you have looked at are very small at present, Mars will be better in eighteen months or so Uranus will always be small. Your 25mm lens will give the least magnification and 12mm a little more than twice. At this time I wouldn't invest in any different eyepieces those you have are maybe not the best but will get you going. There is plenty to see and enjoy with what you have, @happy-kat above has made some good suggestions. For an easy and fun double star look at Mizar/Alcor in the plough. Have fun.
  10. As you have had good views of the moon you have obviously worked out focusing your scope. This being the case you shouldn't be having problems viewing other objects. What else have you tried to observe? What problems did you experience? Tell us all you can and I'm sure we will be able to help you enjoy your scope.
  11. Not heard about this before, thanks for the link.
  12. Enjoyed your report Bobby, I always find it pleasing when a member gives a glowing first light report. There is so much anticipation when one thinks about and finally takes the plunge to invest in new optics. Hope you have many more enjoyable nights.
  13. I have seen M53 on previous occasions and knew when I saw it that night conditions weren't at their best. Will be going back when the opportunity presents itself.
  14. I'm sure you are right. I see no point in deceiving yourself, this isn't a competition. Observing difficult targets is for me a way of improving my skills as an observer. If I've looked and failed to see what I'm looking for so be it, try again another night.
  15. Wonderful work, thanks for sharing.
  16. Looks a fine set up - Oh for some clear skies.
  17. I enjoyed your write up Dave, thanks. After seeing a post earlier my Neil - @Littleguy80 - who mentioned the sky meter on the iphone I searched for similar for Android, I didn't find anything. If anyone has more success I'd be pleased to hear.
  18. I agree with this, I used a Telrad and swapped to a Rigel as there wasn't sufficient room to mount the Telrad on my new scope. I sometimes really struggle to line my eye with the Rigel rings. Also I found it easier to adjust the aiming with the Telrad as the adjusting knobs can be accessed while still looking at the target whereas the Rigel adjustments are on the wrong side.
  19. Great images my friend. To my untutored eye the third one has a little more "zing" .
  20. Great news, good to read of your success. Good luck for the future and enjoy.
  21. ^^^^ Interesting Neil, thank you for taking the trouble to recount your experiences but are all reviewers as scrupulous as yourself? I feel we should finish this discussion as we are going off topic.
  22. I often wonder how much reliance can be put on reviews in the astro press considering the magazines rely on the suppliers for their advertising revenue. I feel it better to read the views of experienced observers on asro fora who are completely independent. Perhaps I'm just an old cynic.
  23. More likely they will install their own mega watt lighting.
  24. Lovely image of one of the many interesting areas to observe. Well done.
  25. You and your wingman have produced a fine image, well done.
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