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  1. in my opinion!poor as it is? lol. it will look like the moon ,cause as our own moon was hit by asteroids. a satellite! mercury picking up pieces of leftover material being dragged to the sun but with its dense gravity and fast rotation its like running across the m6 in rush hour !! it only took how long to get there? back to the m6 lol
  2. Thinkin its only 50 quid! Gave more to red nose day than that? big to some people, is small to another! Its not what ya got it how you use it! Mak it so lol
  3. robsay!!! you lost me after allo?? sorry ello
  4. Stargazers Lounge | Facebook ! its only a fan site and a like away! share a pic? tag a friend in it? plus meet some new star friends!
  5. done!! easy as Stargazers Lounge | Facebook anyone who wants the admin job can have it!!
  6. i just been on facebook and this is so easy to set up! so Stargazers Lounge on facebook! thats a link to here but could easy be fb sw tw ces dob! lol
  7. haha not me but im copyrighting the idea now!! lol! the person who sets up the like page! then it up to them! easy as!!
  8. so what we all sayin??? pie an mash OR mash it up on facebook! its the furture!!!! lol...anyone who likes can post and it can be mod to keep the idiots out(thats me then) but i think its a good ting............if i say so myself(smug smile;)) lmoa LETS DO IT:hello2:
  9. Ok! Im not a facebook fan but as a hip go lucky dude! lol Spittin some bar at the weekend! lookin at the stars and think a no likey that street lighty! lmao..............???? what you think?? down with the kids and all that!! OR has it been done and im not in the gang??
  10. thats one big moon! cool pic
  11. mint pic!! cant wait to try my sw auto focuser out! good times are callin!
  12. a big hello from hednesford
  13. i just bid on this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao!! the seller must wear a purple suit!! lol
  14. off to iplayer now but football first!! lol. then s@n and top gear! might still be up to take a look! thanks for the heads up dude
  15. it is ture and yes the moon is movin away from the earth but only by about a inch or less a year. not sure why the moon is so close but might be the obit of the earth and other plants?????
  16. he got my job! its not fair a want to tell everyone it all over Armageddon and 2012 are all good films lol
  17. Hello from beverley hill uk
  18. im lookin to buy a reflector scope for the az goto mount but cant seem to find a skywatcher 130 ota on its own??? or is me just a bit thick?? can any one help!!!!
  19. I loved lookin at hale-bopp. It was in the sky for weeks. Just wish I had a scope back then. You could see the colours in it with the naked eye. Don't think we will see another like it in my life time but finger crossed.
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