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  1. Hi Chris. I haven't got much to help you with this decision, there are many other guru's on here that will be able to help. But, I have a HEQ5 mount and a ED80. I have only used it a little, and haven't managed any DSO photography - I'm still trying to get to grips with polar aligning the mount. But maybe this weekend is the time! But the scope is great. It seems highly recommended for astrophotography, and I believe adding a focal reducer helps even further.
  2. Thanks for the advice guys! I will hopefully give it all a shot tonight
  3. I managed to get the 3-6mm zoom EP. I was using the stock 28mm EP first, then I put the 3-6mm EP on... Wow, I was amazed at how much more I could see. I managed to see Saturn the other night, and using the 28mm EP, it was just a bright dot in the sky. But now I have got this EP I would like to take some pictures of the objects that I can see through it. Does anybody know if I can attach it to my SLR to caputre what I am seeing?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I've got one of those t-rings. When I have attached the camera to the scope, the image doesn't actually seem any larger on the camera than looking at the object using the eye. How do people manage to image objects close up then? I assumed it was using the eyepiece on the scope?
  5. Hi. I know this might sound like such a silly question, but how do I attach my Dslr to my scope so that it uses the eyepieces I've got? I can't see how to add the slr to the eyepiece I have. I've just got a 3-6mm Nagler, so would love to take some pictures of the moon how it looks through that eyepiece. Any help would be great! Hopefully I will take it out tonight and post my results if I manage to sort it!
  6. I think the Pentax zoom EP is a bit out of my budget ATM. I've got a decision to make, go with the Nagler 3-6mm, or go for the Baader Hyperion Zoom coupled with the Barlow. How do the optics compare? Are Televe and Baader as good as each other at producing EP's?
  7. Sorry to throw a spanner in the works, but how would the Baader Hyperion Zoom Eyepiece with a x2.25 Barlow compare with the 3-6mm Nagler and the 8-24mm Nagler?
  8. Looking at the FLO website, they sell the Baader GO EP's are they better than the Hyperion EP's then? Also, if I was to consider the Baader GO EP's, then would the 5mm EP be a good choice to go for? If I had hands that moved like that I would be a happy man!
  9. I have conteacted the seller, so all you that have decided you may want one, BACK OFF, haha! So I will see what the person has to say. A lot of useful info on this thread though
  10. That's the one I was looking at on Astro Buy Sell. There any issues with fake EP's or anything like that?
  11. That's great. Thanks for the pointers guys Now to keep my eyes peeled for one. Are there any other second hand sites that are worth a look at apart from Astro Buy & Sell?
  12. Where is optimum for the ED80 then? Do you use the 3-6mm EP then?
  13. Hi. I have got myself an ED80 scope, and have been using the 28mm EP that came with it, but when trying to look at Saturn, it just looks like a bright dot. I would like to see it larger and in more clarity. On doing some hunting around I have read that the Tele Vue Nagler Zoom EP's are regarded as a good quality EP that will last. So the question is, will the 3-6mm EP or the 2-4mm nagler EP's be suitable for my ED80. I got this scope mainly for AP, but I am intersted in visual work as well, so eventually I may get a scope that is a dedicated visual scope, and hopefully the Nagler EP would suit that scope as well. Any advice would be great!
  14. I can't seem to fit the V shape part into anything apart the focusser on the end of the scope, but then nothing fits on the other end of it (the V is in the scope end). Sorry, I know this is frustrating to help on such an easy and stupid task!
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