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  1. Sorry for makeing this thread personal to me but with the scope I have (see sig) would I be okay with either the SkyWatcher or the Baader? It`s an F6 8 inch so sort of middle of the road, could I get away without any of the issues listed above?
  2. Cheers Doc, all ready wrote my response while you posted -
  3. Cheers for that. Would you say the SkyWatcher UHC filter is okay or would you go for the Baader UHC-S Filter or is there an even better one out there? Also, what is the diffrence of the above?
  4. Hi. Is a O(III) filter the best filter generally for viewing Nebula? I know different filters are suited for different things, just wondering if there is a "general" filter for nebula's, Orion etc? Also, do they fit over the ep or are they like a barlow where you attach the filter then attach the ep? Cheers guys.
  5. I also bought a Wixey digital angle gauge, using Stellarium to get the alt of an object, you just raise your scope to the desired angle and after a bit of searching left and right, you should have your target.
  6. Cheers for all the replys guys, with regards to the Hotech collimator, advice on where to purchase and roughly how much?
  7. Okay, I guess no one has one of these. Can anybody recommend a good laser collimator then? Cheers.
  8. Hi. Saturn does come up from about 9:00 pm, you say Saturn was low in the sky so am I right in assuming you were looking around 9-10 o clock pm? If so, you will get a lot of lp so try viewing Saturn from 11:00 pm onwards when it is much higher, I caught Saturn the other night about 11:30 and with my stock 10mm ep and my scope (see sig) it looked good, made out 3 moons and the Cassini division (sp?) With regards to your current kit, sorry, no idea, still a newbie learning this stuff myself.
  9. Hi guys and gals. Haveing tried out a Cheshire collimator and a laser collimator (borrowed off Baz senior - cheers chap) I have decided that I get on better with a laser. As I don't own one yet, I was looking at the following....... Collimation - Baader Laser Collimator Can I get your opions on this product, any good? Regards, Darren.
  10. Yeah I saw it too, was stood out in the back garden round at Baz seniors house (thanks for the invite ) when we both saw it, really big and very, very green, it right made our night !!! From where we were stood, I would of said it was closer to Sirius then the Pleiades.
  11. Hi all. I was out for 4 hrs last Saturday night and it was only the 3rd time out with my scope since purchase, so still getting the hang of it Managed to spot the M42 nebula (allthough the "cloud" was very faint), checked out a few other bits of interest untill about 23:00 when Saturn was high enough for me to see over the trees at the bottom of my garden. Now with the scope that I have (see sig) what size would you expect Saturn to be with the following ep's, standard 25mm and 10mm? I found it very easily but once focused up it was about the size of this (see smiley to the right) I could make out the rings, a few specks of light (which I presumed to be moons) but thats it, no cassini (sp?) division, no detail etc. Could this be down to lp, could it be down to my stock ep's being not so good, or could the seeing conditions last Saturday not of been great? Also, my scope is collimated! Just wondering what to expect from my scope? Cheers for any comments guys and gals. Regards, Daz.
  12. Not the post I was thinking of but try this one.... http://stargazerslounge.com/beginners-help-advice/131334-whats-best-way-maintain-telescope.html
  13. Yes it proberbly will, you will also be surprised about how much heat is stored in the brickwork of a house, in summer, you have to use your scope away from the house as the heat radiating off the brickwork can cause issues, I`m assuming the same would be for the ground?
  14. I would not even use that - only proper lense/mirror cleaner designed for scopes is the only products I would use with a special lint free cloth. Somebody answered this very same question recently and they listed all the stuff you should do in order, I will see if I can find it and post the link.
  15. Yeah thats about it, if you keep your scope in a warm area, then take it outside where it is cold/cool, then you will get thermal distortion (sp?) which will spoil your view. The warm air in your scope will circulate round and distort the light entering your scope. I currently keep mine indoors, but leave it outside for an hour or so to cool before using it.
  16. HI, good choice on your first scope, I have the exact same one and am loveing it You did not state on your post which mount you have gone for, is it a dobsonian mount (like mine) or a EQ mount like a lot of peoples above? Don't suppose it matters that much but if I had a EQ mount I would remove when not in use, mainly for the reason described above. On the other hand if it is a dob mount, then you could just leave it attached, it only sits on 4 plastic/rubber mounts and gets secured via the handles, so really won't put any pressure on anything. Personnaly, I am going to detach mine and store it horizontaly on a work bench in the garage. Ohhh before I forget, a bit of advice, buy a collimator. I have had my scope for 2 weeks, checked it for the 1st time last night (with Baz seniors help) and it was way off, by about 20mm which is a lot. I have not knocked it so must of been in transit. All we need now are clear skys - enjoy!
  17. Nice thanks for clearing that up - sort of makes my part of my previous post pointless. Mine is the super 10 and the moon did look fantastic so magnified so i stand corrected.
  18. Hi, I have the 200P Skywatcher and have found them both to be okay from a newbie point of view - but from what i understand the 25mm is okay but the 10mm is supposed to be a shocker. Not noticed it myself but then only been out twice and so far only managed to see the moon (the 10mm was good for that) and when trying to find M42 the LP was soo bad it wiped out all sight of it. While learning I would say they are both okay but going forward I am planing on ditching the 10mm for a better quality, then getting a selection rangeing from 5mm up to 30mm ish - only need 4-5 ep's and pherhaps a barlow - not made my mind up on that one yet either.
  19. I too have had issues with contacting FLO by phone, but sent an e-mail off, got a reply the very next day, Martin has all ways answered my queries quickly, can't complain about that! I also ordered my scope on a Monday, it arrived on the Wednesday - fab service! Yeah my red light torch did not turn up that I ordered, so I asked if there was an issue by e-mail, Martin said they were out of stock until March. As others have said, you have not been conned, I have found FLO to be great and will gladly use them again! Don't blame FLO, blame Prof Brian Cox and the BBC!!!
  20. Can you keep us updated on how you get on, I too have a wixey on order and seem to be doing the exact same thing as you!
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