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  1. I`m so happy that everybody has found the guide usefull, loved reading about the extra bits and bobs and variations that people have done. Sorry for not answering questions myself but everybody else seems to of done a cracking job, I don't come on SGL much these days, just pop by from time to time.
  2. Ha ha ha - fantastic, I lauged out loud when I read that, good man though for fessing up, glad you have it sorted though.
  3. For a cheaper allternative see my sig, made my own Telrad dew cover!
  4. Cheers for all the replys guys, I am about to be given a free 17ah battery off another forum member so I'm set. Result!
  5. Damn, thanks for the heads up, is there a significant jump between 5ah and 7ah? Sorry, my knowledge of batteries is limited.
  6. Cheers for all the responses guys, I fully understand what i need now, found the below in Maplins for £39.99 which seems to tick all the boxes. 200W Portable Power Pack : Invertors : Maplin Electronics Thanks for all your help.
  7. Ok, so all I need is a portable, rechargeable 12v battery. Will that come with a socket/lead that a cigarette lighter adapter will fit into, or will I need an adapter of some kind? Sorry for what seems like a daft question, I just assumed there would be a power pack of some kind with all the bits needed from the likes of Skywatcher or Astrozap etc. Serves me right for making an assumption.
  8. So can't be used in the middle of a field? I need it to be portable. Cheers for the reply though.
  9. Hi all. In the near future I am looking to purchase an Astrozap dual channel dew heater, like this one from FLO...... http://www.firstlightoptics.com/dew-prevention/astrozap-dual-channel-dew-heater-controller.html It says it has a cigarette lighter adaptor on (to power it) but apart from the car's cigarette lighter, what would you plug this into? Is there a special power pack for this sort of thing, or would you just buy a power pack with enough oomph to power the dew heater for several hours with a cigarette lighter attachment? If the latter is the case, any particular make/model? I know people have power tanks to power eq scopes, goto's etc, do I just need the same thing or is that overkill? I obviously would need it to be portable for when visiting dark sites miles from home, had a quick search on here but at a loss. Any ideas would be appreciated. Cheers, Daz.
  10. Somebody correct me if I am wrong but I believe the group section is undergoing some upgrade at the mo and is not compatible with the current level of code that the forum is running on.
  11. RVO has had some in for ages, granted they are £50 but got mine weeks ago.
  12. Hi up2nogood, congrats on your choice of scope, perfect scope for beginners. Check out my sig, you will see I have most of what you are after / want etc. It also has a guide on modding the dobs base, something in my opion is essential. 1. The collimator - I have this, it is a good collimator but I still can't make my mind up if laser collimators are for me. It is up to personnal choice at the end of the day, I know that is not much help to you but some people swear by them, others don't. While I get on very well with mine, and the views I get from my scope are good, I`m assuming it is doing it's job well but I have found that the collimator moves in the focuser, so one minute it says your scope is collimated, the next thing it says it's not. Still can't make my mind up on that. 2. Eye peices (EP's), the 25mm is decent enough but the general train of thought is that the 10mm is pants and I have to agree. They have both served me well for over a year, as I got to grips learning everything, constalations etc, they did their job. But I really do want to swap them out for better quality. I wouldn't jump the gun and buy decent ep's now, stick with the ones that come with the scope, then upgrade when you can. I`m leaving upgrading mine until after I have bought everything else I need. As for makes/models, again, personnel preference. 3. Dew shields, depends on time of year, tempreture, where you are etc etc. I have just made a dew shield for my Telrad, am in the middle of ordering a dew shield / lp blocker from FLO (Astrozap products) and will also be buying heaters in the near future, as I suffer with dew, even in my back garden. 4. There is no 4. 5. Personel choice, I have just bought the Skywatcher 9x50 right angled erecting finderscope as the standard one was a pain in the bum. (In my opion) 6. Filters, I only have a Badder UHC-S filter for nebuler's etc, no idea about planet filters etc..... Again, as I stated above, check my sig out, look on the forum, do some searches, it has all been covered before, this forum is a great place to get answers to your questions. Also, where do you live, if you are local to me I could always give you a hand, you can have a go with my stuff etc. Regards, Daz.
  13. Well thanks to the link above I have just finished making my dew cover for the Telrad, total cost was £4.30 from Hobbycraft and took about 40 minutes to make. Not perfect but when outside in the dark no one will know.
  14. Fantastic - thats the bad boy, thank you very much!!!!! Now copying the URL into my favorites so not to lose it again!!!!
  15. Hi guys and gals. A few weeks ago I saw/found a post regarding somebody who made a home made Telrad dew cover from what looked like foam of some sort. The person who put the post up also provided a template for the cover and good instructions of how to attach it to the Telrad (I beleive he velcro'd them on). Can anybody remember / find the post as I have tried doing searches but can't find it anywhere, I have a sneaky feeling the template was on a link to an external site (not part of this forum) but can't quite remember. Hopefully the person who did the post will see this. Thanks for your time chaps, Daz.
  16. If you want to do astro photography (which it seems you do) then you really need a eq tracker mount. I have a 8" dob (200P - one up from the one you might be considering) and to be honest, looking at Jupiter with the standard 25mm eye peice, the planet moves from one side of the ep to the other in under a minute, maybe slightly longer, and any increase in magnification and you cut that time drastically. Trying to take a couple of shots while the planet (or any object) is moving through the sky will just lead to trails of light. For taking photos, you really need a good solid eq mount that tracks and I don't think you will find one for £200, I maybe wrong, I haven't looked. I wasn't fussed about astrophotography hence why I choose the 8" dob, pound for pound they can't be beaten, you pay your money for the optics, not the tracking side of it. I don't want to put you off the Skywatcher dobs, they are awsome starter scopes I just don't think it will do what you want it to do and you may regret your choice. Good luck, and let us know how you get on. Regards, Daz.
  17. Rother Valley Optics have them in stock as well. Ordered 9:30am on 29th, arrived 13:00 on the 30th. Great service if not slightly more exspensive then anywhere else (£49.99).
  18. Just ordered mine today from RVO, phoned them up to make sure they had them in stock, arrives tomorrow - brill. Was a bit more expensive then I have seen else where (£49.99) but the other places do not have any in stock so willing to pay more.
  19. Is the Telrad considered heavy? I`m assuming it's not a problem as the majority of people seem to go for the Telrad. I`m only asking as I`m getting a Telrad soon and I must admit, I never gave size or weight a second thought.......
  20. I have the 200P scope (8") and find tracking things no problem at all. Also, to give you an idea of the size, the scope (minus the base) just fits nicely on the back seat of a Vauxhall Astra. If you have the cash, then go for the 200 upwards, the bigger the primary mirror, the better quality and more objects you could find.
  21. Hi, see my guide below to the "lazy susan bearing mod", smoothed out my turning issues I had perfectly.... http://stargazerslounge.com/discussions-mounts/158264-just-finished-modding-my-dob-base.html
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