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  1. Saturn, jupiter, nebula etc in decent detail (enough to see the rings, red spot, moons etc) without it being a fuzzy blob but i`m not expecting super detail - also not fussed about photography either. Thats why I opted for the 8 inch dob mentioned above, good all rounder.
  2. As a complete newbie I have trolled loads of sites + on here looking for info. I have finaly decided on a scope....... Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian. (or so I thought) and have just read on here something about at 150x planets take about a minute to cross the field of view, is that correct? I`m just concerned that every minute i will have to nudge the scope just to keep it in view! Are dobs easy to turn, do they turn in small ammounts or is it purley free flow and you have to move it very carefully? Also, is it possible to fix a goto unit or auto unit to this scope, as I can't seem to find one on the sites I have looked at? Also, what is the difference between auto and goto or is it the same thing? HELP!
  3. Russ, thanks for all your replys, I`m sure you get this all the time? One last question, best place to buy all your kit from, any recomendations?
  4. I thought the lower the focal rate the better, is that not the case or am I getting too technical for my myself?
  5. Brill, thanks guys, suppose the warm air in the scope makes sense, never thought of that. Would you also suggest 4 ep? Haveing looked on some of the newbie stickys, it's suggested 10mm, 16mm, 20mm and 25mm, should those 4 give me a wide choice, or for the likes of looking at nebula etc will i need a wider ep? Also, what would be the best make of ep, I`m sure quality is paramount? Another question, mounts? Are dobs the type of mount, i.e, the cannon type as per the link above? and are equatorial mounts similar to tripods? Cheers.
  6. Hi all. Total newbi here, so sorry for what could be a list of really dumb questions. As my title states, I have been reading up on astonomy and telescopes etc, haveing been interested for years but not really had the time and the more I read the more confused I get. I have looked around the site in the newbi section to try and reduce the ammount of repeat questions but can't find the answers to some. Also some advice about a 1st scope would be great. My main concern is that I have set my sights too high, I would like to be able to see Jupiter, the cloud bands, red spot if really lucky plus the moons, as well as nebula, Andromida galaxy etc, I`m just wondering if that is poosible with the scope I have in mind for the budget I have. I was thinking about the 8" dob: Dobsonians - Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian as I have read the dobs are perfect for beginners. Can any body confirm if this scope (or even the 10 inch, I`m sure my budget could stretch that far) can show me the above? Or can any body suggest something else and how big is the above scope, it's hard to tell in the picture? Also, why to scopes need to be cold? Sorry if these are all repeat questions, and thanks for you time. Darren.
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