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  1. Look forward to meeting you there soon Kevin! I wasn't able to go this week but should be there next time ?
  2. Tigaroo

    Old new guy

    Oh dear, sounds like you stumbled upon the worst possible Astro group there! The group I've joined are a very eccentric bunch of very mixed ability , but suffice to say , the most friendly welcoming warm people you could find....not unlike SGL then !!! And astronomers in general !!
  3. Welcome to the forum , you will find tons of help and encouragement a,d lots of lovely people! What a fantastic hobby we all share. Enjoy those beautiful dark skies and share your findings here!
  4. I have discovered that Sloe Gin is a great aid to observing on a cold winters night! Great location you have there and great kit , so I guess we're all coming to you for holidays .... welcome to the forum Ruth
  5. Oh yes , I was aware they are double doubles , just didn't get my scope out last night ?! I haven't really even got started on splitting doubles before , new game to me , and I'm really enjoying it! Despite having been observing for years it's been moon and planets mostly, plus the odd really easy dso , but since getting my Dob a couple of years ago I'm really getting into deep sky! Recently joining an Astro club has encouraged me, but just as Joc said , being on the forum is a massive help in getting tips and hints on what's out there!
  6. Haven't even tried with a scope yet ! Only read about it yesterday. Had a quick look through my 20x70's and the split was huge ! So can't wait to get my telescope on it
  7. Just popped out with my 8x42's to watch ISS go over, they split the double easily
  8. 'Turn Left at Orion' suggests you can split the double in the finder scope but need highest power to split the double doubles ! Might give that a try !
  9. I beg to differ!! The Skywatcher 200p IS an amazing scope in my humble experience ! It gets the most use out of my 3 scopes , paid about £260 just over two years ago , just spent about £140 on a range of eyepieces and filters , well within your budget! . I have a light polluted difficult garden but have recently spotted the GRS on Jupiter , and I'm finding new DSO's all the time with it. Yet to see what it's really capable of in dark skies as it's impossible to find them !! It travels easily in my Ford Focus , the tube gets strapped across the rear seat and the base goes in the boot , with a h
  10. Well I'm glad you're al having a wonderful evening !! Complete cloud cover in my corner of the U.K. ! Jealous much
  11. Too cloudy here in Norfolk tonight ! But maybe a chance late tomorrow night !
  12. Yes, it is a signal box! I've actually entered it into George Clarke's shed of the year! Ummmm....I think I'll keep him, few more jobs lined up for him yet!
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