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  1. Brillaint would love to see the rings of saturn! Looks like I need to start setting the alarm earlier then!!
  2. Thanks guys, shame I've missed Jupiters best, but the thought of seeing saturn makes up for it!! Will I be able to make out the rings with a 130P???
  3. I recently bought a second hand Skywatcher 130P, after a week of cloudy skies I finally got to use it in anger on Saturday, started on the moon, very good image quality, I was very happy! but on turning my attention to Jupiter I really struggled to focus on it, I was using the 2 x barlow and 10mm lens, jsut cant get a sharp image, it looks more like a figure 8 than a 0 if that makes sense??? So waht am I doing wrong?? is there something wrong with the scope or do I need better lens??? Thanks Jim
  4. thanks guys I've just downloaded Star Walk - love it!!! Will give some other a try too Jim
  5. Just wondered if anyone recommended any Iphone Apps to use that will help we identify where to look and what I'm looking at?? Thanks Jim
  6. Thats only down the road from me! Shame the wife is ill so i've got to look after her and my daughter Will keep an eye on their website though and see what else is coming up!
  7. This sounds interesting! have bookmarked it and will keep an eye on it! always one for a bargain!!!
  8. I'm in the same boat, been cloudy for days here and thats just what I'm doing (playstation not charts!!)
  9. OK I'm new to astrophotography and want to take some images using my Canon 1000d and my new Jessops 800x80 reflecter scope What do I need to marry the 2??? T mount adapter and eye piece? can anyone provide links to some that I could buy? Sorry it's so basic but I've never done any of this before!! Thanks Jim
  10. JimP

    Hello all!!

    hi everyone I'm Jim from Hollywood in Birmingham Been a casual star spotter for a few years, but recently got a lot more interested (mostly thats to the star walks app on my Iphone!!) bought myself a 80x800 Refelctor Scope yesterday (Ok not the best in the world but for the money i'm not complaining!) and spent hours last night in the freezing cold looking at the moon and Jupiter, was amazing!! So, I'll be spending more time outside in the evenings now and seeing whats out there! I also want to start taking a few photo's of the stars with my DSLR, so there will no doubt be some questions from
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